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My Fair Godmother (My Fair Godmother, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Fantasy, teen girl gets stuck in different fairytale stories (one is Snow White) and has to solve/ survive them. [s]

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Adama Bundu (adamabundu) | 2 comments I think I read the book sometime when I was in junior high school, so it's not recent. I'm guessing the year range for the book is 2011-2016. The location seemed like North America because of how they described her high school environment and it was a paperback novel in English. Some details I remember is that she had a sister, and her sister somehow dated a recent boyfriend of her's at the beginning-ish of the novel. And when she was in the Snow White section of the book, she kept having to remake the porridge the original snow white was making for the dwarfs. Except she realized she couldn't make it better cause the beginning porridge was awful. So, she just restarted and made a decent batch and finally got along with the dwarfs. Some boy who she knew before somehow started appearing in the fantasy world. And he eventually started helping her. I also think she starts to like the boy who ended up in the story with her, and they might have gotten together in the end.

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Incog Nito | 100 comments UnEnchanted series by Chanda Hahn

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5204 comments UnEnchanted for the link.

Adama Bundu (adamabundu) | 2 comments Ayshe wrote: "My Fair Godmother maybe?"

YESSSS thanks you soo much!

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