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Melodie (melodieco) | 3604 comments Just 5 for the month, but all were good reads!

Stone Free Jimi Hendrix in London, September 1966-June 1967 by Jas Obrecht Stone Free: Jimi Hendrix in London, September 1966-June 1967 by Jas Obrecht: a #NetGalley read and a good one. I'm not a huge Hendrix fan, but Ed is. This is very well researched and recommended for any Hendrix fan...or even if you're not! Grade: 8.5

Holy Ghost (Virgil Flowers, #11) by John Sandford Holy Ghost by John Sandford: the 11th Virgil Flowers, but only my 2nd read in the series and a good time it was! Grade: 9

The Lacemaker's Secret (A Chloe Ellefson Mystery Book 9) by Kathleen Ernst The Lacemaker's Secret by Kathleen Ernst: 9th in Chloe Ellefson series. I read a couple of these a few years ago. Really didn't like the main character, especially in the first one. This one was on #NetGalley and sounded interesting. Chloe hasn't gotten any more likeable, but Seraphine's story, the historical part of this one, was excellent. The modern story was quite so-so. Grade: 7

Dark Sacred Night (Renée Ballard, #2; Harry Bosch, #21; Harry Bosch Universe, #31) by Michael Connelly Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly: a Bosch/Ballard collaboration and an excellent story. Some sad parts to the story, but some good ones, too. Can't go wrong with Connelly! Grade: 9.5

Thanks a Lot, Mr. Kibblewhite My Story by Roger Daltrey Thanks a Lot, Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story by Roger Daltrey: I was never a big Who fan, mostly because I could never stand Pete Townshend and his pretension. Yeah, I know he wrote most of their stuff, but I still think he's an asshole. My brother thinks Townshend is a "rock god", so we've had an interesting "discussion" or two! Anyway, I always thought Daltrey was interesting. A guy who can do that "scream" in Won't Get Fooled Again and then turn around and do Behind Blue Eyes? Good in my book! LOL He's quite the down-to-earth man and his story is very much worth a read. Grade: 9.5

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Merrilee in AZ | 1116 comments Good month

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14407 comments Melodie: nice list! I’ve been listening to Roger Daltrey make the podcast rounds and his book sounds like it will be good - I already grabbed it with an audible credit so I can take my time with it. He is quite interesting and good point on the vocal contrasts. He mentioned on one podcast he rests his voice now a day between shows so he can still sing; he has had quite a life.
The Jimi Hendrix book looks interesting too!

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