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Maggie (opyankee) | 2 comments Read this book around 2005-2010. I think it was set in the future, and in the society this one specific gene became arbitrarily important. People got tested to see which of the three versions of the gene they had, and they were marked based on which one. There was a lowest/worst one, which I think was somehow associated with green, and a middle and a highest, which were either blue or red. The protagonist was a girl who was a little stuck up, and she assumed she'd be at least the middle but probably the highest but she ended up being the lowest. (The gene didn't really have any significance beyond what the society gave it.) I think one of the names of the groups started with an M. From what I remember the book is mostly about how the society starts oppressing the lowest group even though there's really no good reason to. I think one of the reviews on the back of the book mentioned it as being about some sort of "modern Holocaust."

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