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>The infirmary!

>Head Nurse: Alexander Markson
>Assistant Nurse: TBA

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Kira entered, another girl limping behind her, both having pretty bad injuries, the other girl having burns on her body while she had bruises. It was obvious they fought each other and neither girl looked happy with each other. Sighing Kira sat down on one of the infirmary beds and just stared at the ceiling, the girl, having sat across from Kira was giving her a glare, then huffed and looked away.

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Alex looked at the two. He sighed. He didn't really hate his job, but he hated when he actually had to do it. It just meant people were injured. "What happened?" He asked as he finished what he was doing. He walked over to the two, looking at the one girl for an instant before staring at Kira.

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Kira stayed silent, she only meant to defend herself but that older girl started it.

"Not my fault I have to go to school with someone who's biological parents are with TGU. Who's to say she'll end up like them." The other girl huffed, obviously older than Kira. Kira kept looking at the ceiling quietly, not wanting to talk about it.

When she did she said, "Sorry for bothering you." Her voice came out as a mumble, soft and nearly inaudible.

((Got Kira's idea from a comic I read called April Flowers))

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Alex took a deep breath. "Look. Miss, while your in the infirmary, please from refrain from mentioning the TGU. And, your claim is inaccurate. Sure, she may have family from the TGU, but it's not her fault. Do you really think we would let someone into this school that's from such an organization? As long as I've been here, there has been no such thing that has allowed such people from dangerous organizations into this school. If you have a problem with Kira being here, then I suggest you take it up with the headmistress because she is the one who has permitted Kira to join this school, as well as the Young Prince" Alex said sternly before turning to Kira.

He smiled at her and then came closer. He poured some liquid into a cup and handed it to her. He then poured another cup and handed it to the other girl. "Your injuries should be healed in about half an hour or so, just drink that. I'll inform both your teachers that you will be in the infirmary for the next 30 minutes." Alex informed them. Sure, he could have used his healing magic, but the school preferred for him to practice his potions and give that to the students instead of just healing them.

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The other girl silently drank the liquid that was given to her and rolled her eyes. She still didn't trust Kira, not after it being Kira's parents that ruined her life, she scoffed and turned away, finishing off the liquid.
"Thanks." She said, hesitant to call Alex her father. She went silent as she drank the liquid, she stared at the wall in silence and said, "Sorry again, for bothering you." She sighed, leaning her hurting body against the wall.

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"It's fine, Kira. Now, both of you should rest." Alex said before his phone went off. He checked and saw he had a new message from the Young Prince. He sighed and turned off his phone. He really did not feel like dealing with that little demon today.

He looked at Kira once more and smiled. He walked over to his table and wrote a quick note for both of them.

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She closed her eyes and ended up falling asleep, her body propped against the wall to make her seem much like she was lying down instead. (I might change her to bisexual since I kinda wish one of the Royals ended up falling in love with her and make a different character lesbian) A small smile spread across her face as she slept.

The student sighed and laid down, using her good hand to look at her hands quietly, some burn marks where already starting to heal up. I can't believe I, an older student, got beat up by some...newbie at this school. How humiliating. She thought with an annoyed sigh.

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((I have no idea what to post XD))

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((Skip 30 minutes then :P))

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30 Minutes Later

Alex stretched and walked over to the beds. "Hey. 30 minutes are up. Are you all healed up? Does anything still hurt?" Alex asked the two. At this point, he really was hoping they were done healing, because well, The Young prince could come through those doors any minute now.

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The elder girl couldn't wait to get out the door, the moment she heard that 30 minutes were up she got up, her wounds had healed perfectly so she wasted no time in dashing out of the room, not wanting to be there any longer.

Kira rubbed her eyes tiredly and got up. She was still sore, but then again, she slept against the wall when she was wounded. "Thanks, Da—Alex," She caught herself and silently cursed to herself in her head. She still wasn't ready to accept Alex as her father, especially when she still hated hearing news with her family in it.

((Kinda wanting her to meet the young prince. Is he about Kira's age?))

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((Yeah. I'm working on him at the moment.))

"No problem. It's my job after all, as your guardian and School Nurse." He hummed. He yawned quietly as he looked at Kira. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before because he was reading some book on medicines.

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Kira smiled, then her facial expression turned serious. "Have you been getting enough sleep?" She asked, a little worry in her voice as she stared at Alex with her heterochromatic eyes. "You need to worry about your health just as much as the students' health." She crossed her arms.

((Lol roles have been flopped as Kira sounds like a worried mother XD))

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"I'll be fine. I'll sleep tonight." He said, laughing a bit. Suddenly a knock could be heard outside the door. "No. Go away." Alex said, already knowing who it was. "Oh come on.... Alex, don't be like that." A voice said from outside. "No." Alex said once again. "I Take that as a yes!" The man said from outside and opened the door. A boy with pink hair and blue eyes walked in. "Why have you been ignoring my texts?" He asked. "I'm busy. And you shouldn't be texting the staff." Alex said simply. The boy turned and saw Kira. "Oh how rude of me! My name Is Kaito Windsor." The pink haired boy hummed, bowing politely.

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Kris blinked seeing this...polite gesture, aimed at her. She gave a small nervous bow, she knew exactly who he was. "H-hi P-Prince Kaito." She said nervously, clearly shown in her voice. "I-I'm Kira Oshimaru. A pleasure to meet you." She said. She looked up at Kaito. Due to never having made any friends, nor being really noticed other than as a pest she was clearly nervous when the prince, of all people, spoke to her and with general kindness directed at her. She nervously placed her bangs out of the way, her pink and blue eyes looking at the prince.

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He smiled at her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Oshimaru. If you wish, You can just call me Kai." He said politely. Alex glared at Kaito. "Alex has told me a lot about you! From what I've heard, your a magnificent lady!" Kaito chimed, blood dripping from his right arm. He didn't seem to pay much attention to it though and continued to look at Kira. It wasn't as if he didn't feel the pain, he just wanted to ignore it so he could continue his conversation.

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She rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "Uh, thanks, Kai." She said, her cheeks red from embarrassment. She noticed the blood and asked, "Are you alright Kai?" She looked at Kai, her cheeks still a bit red. "So uh, what has he told about me?" She asked, rubbing her neck once more out of habit.

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"Oh this? It's just a little stab wound, nothing to worry about!" he said, smiling. "He told me so many things. Like how your super smart and talented. And Beautiful. He also told me not to get any ideas... But I never listen to him anyways, so it doesn't matter." He hummed, sticking his tongue out at Alex. Alex just stood there, arms crossed, glaring at Kaito. "So, What's such a pretty lady as yourself doing in this infirmary?" he asked, blood continuing to drip down from his arm.

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"A stab wound?!" She said. "What...who would do such a thing?" She asked, then she sighed. "And how can you act so calm about it (Despite her being calm about getting bruises)?" She asked him. She looked at Kai "Uh, shouldn't you get that healed? So you don't lose too much blood?" When he called her beautiful, talented, and super smart, her face heated up. "T-thanks though." She added, then took another glance at him. "As for being in the ...uh...infirmary, I got into a fight with someone." She rubbed the back of her head shyly, then moved it to her right arm and rubbed that. Boy, was she nervous around Kai, especially since he was treating her...kindly. "You're very kind." She said.

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"Thank You." He hummed. He looked at Alex and Alex tossed him some bandages. He sat on one of the beds and rolled his sleeve up. His arm was covered in blood. He wrapped the bandage around his arm, slowly and carefully. "Ah... Well. There will always be people going after the royal's heads. Once you spend 15 years with constant attempts at your head, you get used to it." He said simply.

He finished wrapping the bandages and looked up at Kira. He smiled at her. "There! Good as new!" He hummed happily, lifting his arm and wincing a bit. It hurt, but he'd get over it. "I don't know why you won't just let me heal your injuries." Alex sighed. "It's just better to heal the old fashion way. One, it makes your tissues stronger and two, unlike when you heal it, once you finish healing, it leaves an awesome scar." Kaito explained to Alex.

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Kira giggled a small bit. "So I'm not the only one that people hate." She said, a small smile planted on her face. "I'm still pretty new to this school and peoples...reactions are different. Either they expect me to be like my parents or they expect me to be strong." She said with a small sigh. She sat down by Kai and looked at him. "You know, you're a lot different than many of the people here. Much kinder." She said with a smile(Hey Alex should at least be happy that she's literally smiling right now).

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Alex sighed and walked to his desk. He wasn't going to fight with Kaito when he was making Kira happy.

"Hm... Well. I'm new as well. Everyone kinda expects me to be prince-ly, strong, and smart and whatnot." Kaito shrugged. "So I guess we just have a lot in common."

"When you aren't spoiled rotten, your pretty much set. I'd like to see one guy who's nearly been assassinated as many times as me and has to handle having the king and queen as his parents and him not be nice. After all, don't want the world coming back to bite you in the behind." He hummed.

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Kira giggled. "I suppose that is true. I uh...should probably head to class, I'm in a weapons training class(Completely made it up on the spot). Maybe I'll get to see you later?" She asked as she stood up, holding her hand out to shake his hand.

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Kaito smiled and shook her hand. "May our paths cross again." He said, with a dorky grin planted on his face. Alex looked at Kaito and decided to speak up. "Kaito... You should get going. Don't you have a class to train or something." Alex hummed. "Oh yeah! I totally forgot!" Kaito said, realization finally hitting him. He was supposed to be subbing for one of the teachers because they had gotten sick and the headmistress couldn't find a last minute replacement. So, as per request of the headmistress, whom Kaito had respected very much, he was to teach a class. The class was full of younger students from the elementary division. His job was to teach them basic combat.

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Kira gave a small wave and headed out of the infirmary, this time with a small smile on her face. (Now to finish some characters lol)

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