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message 1: by Ardel (new)

Ardel Emery (ardelemery) | 5 comments Hello, the below book details lists the wrong author profile for the book. I am the author. Please correct and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and attention in this.
Perseverance: How It All Began
Rebecca Branch
ISBN 1984083848
Publication Date: 03/11/2018
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 432
Epic love laced with epic pain...

Loving him was my secret. Mine alone. I never let anyone come remotely close to accessing that part of my heart. Not even myself, except on rare occasions. Trystan was simultaneously the source of my greatest love and the source of my greatest heartache.

He never knew how I felt about him. I'd never told him how deeply and profoundly in love with him I was...and still am. He had always considered me a friend so that was the position in his life that I desperately struggled to maintain. I couldn't let him know, but I also couldn't let him go.

I tried to put Trystan in my past. To some degree, I was able to achieve just that. He lived so far away and only came back to visit on occasion. But every time he returned, it was like reigniting a smoldering inferno within me.

Then I met Blake. Arguably the most eligible man in Hollywood. Wait, did I say Hollywood? I meant the world. He is the epitome of what every female dreams about.

Falling in love with Blake was seamless. Trystan was rarely around and after spending years feeling like I was suffocating, being with Blake was like breathing my first breath of fresh air. It was a much needed reprieve for a wounded and tattered heart like mine.

Then an ordinary trip leads to extraordinary events. Extreme circumstances usher in changes in me and in my life that I could never have dreamed were possible. And a love I thought was beyond my reach is suddenly right within my grasp.

Past love collides with future love and there is nothing I can do to escape either.

Follow Cadence as she begins her travel into the unknown.
Link to Book Page:

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13146 comments This folder is for adding new books to Goodreads. Next time, please post in Book Issues.

I moved the book off of the other person's profile. If you would like to claim your author profile, scroll down to where it says "Is this you? Let us know."

message 3: by Ardel (new)

Ardel Emery (ardelemery) | 5 comments Yes I apologize I didn’t realize that until after I posted it. Thank you so much for your assistance! 😁

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13146 comments Rebecca wrote: "Yes I apologize I didn’t realize that until after I posted it. Thank you so much for your assistance! 😁"

No problem! I saw your other post and added the cover.

message 5: by Ardel (new)

Ardel Emery (ardelemery) | 5 comments Thank you 😁

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