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Below are some spoilery questions (contemplate these when you're done reading):

1. The novel opens with Alyssa’s mother attempting to fill the dog’s bowl with water but finding the pipes have
run dry. Why do you think the authors chose to open with the main complication of the plot rather than introduce
the characters and setting first? How do you think the story would be different if there were a few introductory
chapters before the water runs out?
2. The tap-out forces characters to reprioritise their lives. Discuss what you think Alyssa, Kelton, Jacqui and
Henry’s priorities were before the tap-out and how we see them change throughout the novel.
3. Why do you think the authors included the snapshots in-between chapters? Pick one of the snapshots and
discuss what you think might happen to that character as the events of the story continue.
4. The perspective switches between characters throughout the story. Why do you think the authors chose to
write the story this way? How do you think your understanding of each character would change if the story was
completely from Alyssa’s perspective?
5. Discuss Kelton’s family dynamic. Why do you think Brady left? What is the cause of the tension between his
6. When Kelton’s father refuses to give his neighbor Malecki water, rather offering to show him how to get water
out of his plants, do you think he did the right thing? Why or why not?
7. When Alyssa originally sees Kelton’s gun she takes the clip from him. After the encounter with the service
station attendant she gives it back to him. Why do you think she does this? Would you have reacted the same?
8. Discuss the phrase “desperate times call for desperate measures” and how it applies to this novel, giving
particular thought to the scene where the neighbours try to break into Kelton’s house, the confrontation with the
bullies beating the Mercedes owner and Jacqui’s description of what happened at the desalination machines.
9. How does Alyssa and Kelton’s relationship change throughout the story? What are some key moments in the
story that affect their relationship?
10. Divide your group into two and hold a debate about one of the following topics:
- Should Alyssa have given the water from Kelton’s house to the people at the community meeting?
- Should Henry should have distributed the ÁguaViva to his neighbours rather than profiteering from it?
11. The main characters refer to people that have gone without water for too long as “water zombies”. Why do
you think the authors created that phrase? What connotations does the word “zombie” have?
12. Imagine the tap-out reached where you live. Brainstorm your tap-out survival plan

- Discussion questions are from Walker Books Discussion Guide

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I loved this and I loved that it made me think! Neal Schusterman (and Jarrod) is a brilliant author when it comes to future world concepts.

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