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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance/Erotic: Wife and Husband become distant from each other and she tries to repair it through their D/s relationship

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message 1: by Kasie (new)

Kasie Sankey (kcsankey) | 6 comments The husband becomes distant from his wife because of work and she wants to repair their marriage/ D/s relationship. They go to their BDSM club that they are regulars of and he shares her with another Dom. While she is tied up with the stranger, the husband leaves to take a work call. While he is gone, the stranger begins to painfully spanks her and she uses her safe word but he doesn't stop until a friend of her pulls the stranger away. The husband comes back, feels horrible and she refuses to speak with him. The details get a little foggy after that but I know it ends with a happy ending for the couple

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Shelia Williams | 766 comments Sounds interesting

message 3: by ImaBookaddict (new)

ImaBookaddict | 171 comments Could possibly be one of Maya Banks books.

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