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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Alright, this one is:
Title: TBD (To Be Determined)
Subject: The 1975
Description: A look (fictionaly) into the mind of the genius behind what many regard as "the best pop band of the last ten years".

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Panic!AtTheWritingDesk (panicatthewritingdesk) | 639 comments Mod
Alrighty.... I did a thing.... And.... I got caught in a web.... And I can't get out because the plot is just.... SO GOOD.... SO....
Marble Hornets.
Need I say more?
Anyhow, please, enjoy:

Title: (Not Yet Decided)
Subject: Marble Hornets Web Series
Description: After the events of Marble Hornets, the five years and 1825 days that saw to the loss of his friends and sanity, Timothy Wright is still trying to solve the puzzle: What was stalking them, why, and how could they escape its blank, eyeless stare?

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Me and my friends are writing Modern versions of all the disney princess stories as a podcast. We are calling it Modern Tail.

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