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message 1: by DeAndre (new)

DeAndre Bowstrong | 3 comments Hey, I'm in the middle of editing an Epic Fantasy manuscript and would love a few people to read the first half and get some feedback to help me with the second half. Anyone kind enough to read the first half for me will, of course, be given the second half too (when its finished and IF they want it!).

Below is a summary of the story: :

'Avelonia, a turbulent land once ruled by dragons and serpents, has been governed by the Council of Corinthia for centuries. Each of the six councillors represent one of the races living there, and their positions are passed down through their noble bloodlines.

Savages roam wild in the East, and half-giant Jacarrians rule the hostile Northern mountains, but the biggest threat to Avelonia suddenly comes from within when the entire Council is slaughtered and an unknown leader seizes control. Meanwhile, a far greater danger lies over Avelonia's southern border, from their age-old enemies in Myrth.

Freya is a fierce young woman, orphaned as a child and seeking her revenge. Ayden is the only surviving heir to the Council, driven from his destiny by the murder of his mother. The two were inseparable as children, but their journeys into adulthood tear them apart.

Although separated, the two friends must reunite the fractured cities and races of Avelonia to defend their country from the foreign invaders, free their kin from the barbaric work-camps, and reinstate the rightful rulers.'

Let me know if you are interested or have any other questions :)


message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I am interested. Please Pm me

message 3: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Prusakowski | 1 comments I am interested

message 4: by L.A. (new)

L.A. Buck (labuckauthor) | 23 comments Hey DeAndre!

I am also looking for beta readers for my epic fantasy manuscript. Are you interested in swapping stories for critique?

You can check into my WIP - blurb, first chapter, extras - here:

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