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The Haunting of Hill House
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The Haunting of Hill House (12/18/2018)

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Kristi (kristisan) | 6 comments Mod
Can’t make the meetup? Finished the book early and want to share your thoughts with everyone right away? Post here!

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Kristi (kristisan) | 6 comments Mod
Our meetup for The Haunting of Hill House is in just two days!

I thought it might be nice to suggest some discussion questions to get people thinking. I compiled the questions below from this forum and other sources and added a couple of my own. Feel free to add yours as well!


Discussion Questions:

- This novel was a pioneer in the "haunted house" genre. If you've read other similar books or seen similar movies, how did you think that The Haunting of Hill House compared?

- Did you think that the story was scary?

- What did you think of the ending?

- Why do you think that the house "picked" Eleanor?

- Do you believe Eleanor was justified in feeling resentful towards the others for treating her like a hysterical female? Or do you believe the others in the party saw something in Eleanor that alarmed them? Justify your position with examples from the story.

- Did Eleanor intentionally let her mother die, or is she merely suffering from bereavement and a mistaken feeling guilt? Give examples from the story that support your point of view.

- Why does Mrs. Montague believe that a loving attitude is more effective in a haunted house than a fearful one? Would it have changed anything if Eleanor had shared her belief? Why or why not?

- Discuss the differences in the methods Dr. and Mrs. Montague use to study the paranormal. Which approach, if any, do you believe is most successful? Why?

- What changes in behavior or speech occur in Luke's character after spending time in Hill House?

- What do you think the phrase "Journeys end in lovers meeting" means? Is Eleanor hoping to find love (maybe with Luke)? Does it have something to do with the house?

- It has been suggested that Theodora is a lesbian. Do you think that she is? Is she interested in Eleanor, or jealous of Luke?

- What do you think was really going on? Here are some possibilities, but feel free to come up with your own: The house was haunted by one or more ghosts (whose?). Eleanor was subconsciously causing the manifestations, similar to the stones falling on and in her house when she was young. The house was evil and wanted to drive most people away (including previous tenants), and possess Eleanor because it was attracted to something in her or found her a receptive subject.

- Have you read anything else by Shirley Jackson? If so, how did you think that this novel compared?

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