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Anita Blake #10-16 Audible release

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message 1: by Jazz (new)

Jazz | 1 comments I have to ask, did anyone know that books Anita Blake audiobooks 10-16 are being released in Audible next year?

I’ve been looking everywhere for a mention, from the author or Audible but I do not see anything mentioned?? I don’t know if I’m just not looking correctly but I don’t see any mentions...

Now why is this important...I much prefer books over audio especially because the voices never seem to be right, but as a person who has come to rely on audiobooks to get her reading fix I am so happy about this! I own most of Anita Blake books and audiobook as well (never know when you might have time to read) but I had a big empty spot for these books that I feel really mark a change in who Anita Blake is. And hate it or love it these books are great to enjoy.

message 2: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline (jacqu) | 12 comments Is this only relevant to the US market or does this include the U.K. I have been on the lookout for years to find Anita on Audible in the U K but have never found any mention. I also enjoy books but find the best time I have to enjoy books now is in th journey to and from work for which a Audible book is ideal.

message 3: by Jessie (new)

Jessie (origami76) | 11 comments A number of the audiobooks have been unavailable on Audible for some time due to $$$. Author versus publisher type negotiations. It's nice that the issues were finally resolved. Whether or not it includes the U.K is a mystery.

The 2019 release date has definitely been noticed by fans. Hamilton, however! probably won't mention it until the day or month it happens. Her and her team are horrible at promotion.

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Smith (moonwoman) | 4 comments No sign on Audible European site of Anita Blake audiobooks, but do see new series of Terrible Fall of Angels listed as audiobook, so might try that out to see how I would convert from Anita in my head from reading her over so many years so a voice as depending on narrator can be hit or miss.
Maybe with new series on audible might be sign of Anita series to follow!

message 5: by Nadine (new)

Nadine (yezanc) | 3 comments German audible has all the AB books in English

message 6: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Smith (moonwoman) | 4 comments Nadine wrote: "German audible has all the AB books in English"
Thanks Nadine, as live in Ireland covered by UK Audible so nothing on UK site for Anita Blake series in audio.

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