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The plot of the book

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Aayushi The plot of the book was awesome and very thrilling. this book was a real page turner!

Ineta i disagree Princess diaries are the best, it is for mor mature girls though and it is not x-rated.
The only similarity is that they both have made up place that is supeer beautiful. the reason they Don't compare is because Princess Diaries is about a girl who matures to love herself, and presents her self as a role model who stands up for her convicitons, (she is a vegan who donates time and money to greenpeace). Princess plot is about a girl with extremely low self esteem and through her journey makes new friends and builds confidence when she finds out about another life. Princess diaries would only be gross to someone to young to understand and its HILARIOUS. i liked princess plot but it just can't compare to the ten plus books of the princess diaries

SEMI PRECIOUS JADE i agree and disagree princess plot is exciting and adventurous whereas princess diaries is funny at times so....i like them both but princess plot just 1% more

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