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MeerderWörter | 120 comments Mod
There are quite a few reasons why I chose this book...

I mentioned some of them already, like feeling the need for a lighter book, but this wasn't the only reason.

Trans and Intersex are, when I look at them, like siblings to each other. They have things in common, but they also have their differences, and they are sometimes very similar, and sometimes not so much or not at all.

The common story about trans people is such a tragic one, of violence, of death, of ostracism...
I wanted to show you all a book where this is not the case. Where trans people live their everyday lives, where they excel and where they are important.

But even more so maybe that trans people have a place in everything that cis people have a place in - and that includes fairy tales.

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MeerderWörter | 120 comments Mod
"Intersex people fight against the surgeries that were forced on them, while transgender people fight for the surgeries that they do want."

There is common ground for intersex and transgender people, as different as our realities are, in the end we have this common ground.

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