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Frenchman's Creek
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December-Happy Christmas + Frenchman’s Creek

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Latasha (latasha513) Here we can discuss Frenchman's Creek and Happy Christmas.

Latasha (latasha513) I borrowed the audiobook from my library. I couldn't clearly understand the beginning. I think it was cause I was having a bad morning and couldn't focus. after rereading Rebecca, Donna was a nice change from Mrs. de Winter. I liked her character. Harry (Henry?) her husband! I kept picturing him as the vicar in Poldark cause he seemed absolutely ridiculous. She married him because he kissed her? did I understand that right? lol, Donna coming straight out and telling him she didn't want him around and here he comes!
although the story isn't really my cup of tea, I liked it. I don't know if it's the version I got but it just ended! very abruptly. But I liked it. 3 stars for me.

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Britta Böhler | 12 comments A light, breezy read, with a love story that is almost too romancy if it weren't for your typical DDM-twists. Enjoyed it.

A.G. Lake Enjoyed Frenchman’s Creek. Found main characters pathetically flawed but fitting in with their times.

Quirkyreader | 17 comments I thought it was a fun quick read. It would also be fun to pair it with “Treasure Island”.

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Sue Moro (moro) | 7 comments Donna is having a major midlife crisis! I really enjoyed this one! I'm glad it ended the way it did or I would have lost all respect for the main character.

Oscar | 3 comments It does seem lighter than some of ther other works that I have read. It's in the vein of a romantic novel that relies on escapism about a bored woman finding romance and adventure elsewhere, but there is enough darkness, psychological tension, and some real violence in the novel, to make it feel like a Du Maurier book.

I had fun with it, but didn't quite enjoyed it as much as the other novels from her that I've read so far.

Autumn B | 2 comments I enjoyed this book very much. A little escape from everyday life. I have really been enjoying reading Daphne du Maurier she has become one of my favorite authors. 📚

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