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Montré Bible | 2 comments I'm looking for some folks to read and review my novel Heaven's Ghost you can download it here. Hurry theres only a few days left.

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ILoveToRead (asuccinctbeta) The title states it is book 3 & 4 of a series. Are each of the books in the series standalone, or do they have to be read in order?

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Montré Bible | 2 comments Books 1 and 2 can be read in any order. I made 3 and 4 one book because they were really the only one that continued the same story. Book 5 comes out soon and will be the same characters different adventure but I recap really quick

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ILoveToRead (asuccinctbeta) Thank you!

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Team Golfwell (teamgolfwell) | 25 comments FREE Download PARTY JOKE BOOK (320 pages) from Dec 26th to Dec 30th, 2018. TeamGolfwell offers this book free (reg. $5.95) as a “Thank you” to all of our fans with best wishes for a New Year! Caution: These aren’t the kind of jokes yo mamma told you!

Sit back in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage away from all distractions and enjoy reading this hilarious book!

ADULTS ONLY and please don't take the jokes seriously. There is a wide range of jokes. Some are disparagement jokes and a few jokes are in very bad taste, but most are okay for loosened up adults only who may have consumed an alcoholic beverage or two. Survey your crowd first, please. >

Great for Holiday parties!

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Team Golfwell (teamgolfwell) | 25 comments We also review books and give free reviews >

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