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Plushie ᵀᵒᵏʸᵒᵀᵉᵈᵈʸᴮᵉᵃʳ~ (LongHaitus) | 93 comments 【 нello everyone, нere ι wιll poѕт ѕнorт ѕтorιeѕ and wιll roleplay aѕ мy cнaracтer docтor aleхander wιlнιeм нorner, тнe мad ѕcιenтιѕт and нιѕ clυмѕy aѕѕιѕтanт, nιĸolaι ѕмιrnov. yoυ are ғree тo coммenт and aѕĸ qυeѕтιonѕ тo мy cнaracтerѕ! тнιѕ тнread wιll ғollow вoтн oғ тнeιr ѕтorιeѕ】

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Serene  Djent (tintagliafyre) | 6 comments Hi okay this seems fun - so what does Dr. Horner study??

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Laurel (laurelstories) What projects have you succeeded in making?

Plushie ᵀᵒᵏʸᵒᵀᵉᵈᵈʸᴮᵉᵃʳ~ (LongHaitus) | 93 comments (Uwaaaa~ Thanks for commenting! I was out for Christmas break so I'm sorry for being late,I'll get right to replying~)

message 5: by Plushie ᵀᵒᵏʸᵒᵀᵉᵈᵈʸᴮᵉᵃʳ~ (LongHaitus) (last edited Jan 09, 2019 01:54PM) (new)

Plushie ᵀᵒᵏʸᵒᵀᵉᵈᵈʸᴮᵉᵃʳ~ (LongHaitus) | 93 comments . . .【 Wed Jan 9, 1941】

The room was dark, the only source of light was a small lamp next to a working desk that only managed to dimly lit the room. There sat a man who flipped through papers, a cloud of smoke escaping his mouth as he exhaled. The man was Alexander Wilheim Horner, a scientist of sorts and a mystery to many. His age remained a secret and his past never revealed. Alexander furrowed his brows in stress as he shuffled through his papers. "Where in the hell did it go?"He muttered to himself, his deep blue eyes scanned the messy research room.

Alexander closed his eyes and passed a hand through his unkempt blonde hair, trying to collect his thoughts and where he last left the lost paper....Until something interrupted him.

"Dr.Alexander!" A voice much younger than his yelped as he stumbled into the room, panic lit his voice. The younger boy had long, curly brown hair that covered almost half of his pale and pretty face. He had a skinny frame and wore a white lab coat that was much too big for him, it was similar to the one Alexander wore, except alexander's coat was blotched with dried blood, not ink and oil stains. "There are two people at the door! They want to talk to you..."

Alexander shot up from his chair and his eyes held a bit of alarm.
"Are they policemen?" He asked sternly.

"No...they don't look like it. Just two women.."The boy twiddled his thumbs.

Alexander fixed his glasses and thought, 'Two women? How did they find this place?'. "Alright... Let them in, Nikolai...."


Serene asked: "Hi okay this seems fun - so what does Dr. Horner study??"

Alexander Replies: The man fixed his glasses and inspected both of the women...they didn't seem of malicious intent and just came here out of curiosity, how strange.
"You're a bit nosy to have come here and I'm even more impressed that you found this place...To answer your question, I focus more on
The study of the human body which involves anatomy, physiology, histology, and embryology...Unlike my assistant, Nikolai, He is more of an engineer."

Nikolai responds: *Waves shyly* "Hello..."


Laurel Asked: "What projects have you succeeded in making?"

Alexander Replies: "I have succeeded in making many experiments but my most recent experiment is the creation of reviving corpses to life. I haven't succeeded...not yet."

Plushie ᵀᵒᵏʸᵒᵀᵉᵈᵈʸᴮᵉᵃʳ~ (LongHaitus) | 93 comments (( just posting a comment here to let ya'll know this still exists lol)

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Tamra  (pleasereadbiothankyou) | 1728 comments i love you!

Plushie ᵀᵒᵏʸᵒᵀᵉᵈᵈʸᴮᵉᵃʳ~ (LongHaitus) | 93 comments . . .【 Wed, Jan 23, 1941】

Nikolai looked through a toolbox before pulling out a wrench with a small smile on his face, which, had oil stains on it. He walked over to his working table and the tag on his neck jingled as he got to work on his new invention, his eyes twinkled and his tail swayed determined from side to side. Nikolai was truly happiest when engineering....


TJ Asked: "i love you!"

Nikolai Replies: Nikolai yelped in shock and stumbled backward, holding the wrench in his hands. "O-oh, A visitor, You took me by surprise..." He mumbled, moving his curly brown hair away from his face. Something really took him by surprise when the person said 'i love you'.

"H-huh!? uhm, thank one has ever told me that.." There was a blush on his face, he avoided eye contact and fiddled with his thumbs.

Phoenix~They/Them | 4622 comments XD

Sorry popping in to see that and it was funny XD

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Tamra  (pleasereadbiothankyou) | 1728 comments ^_^

Plushie ᵀᵒᵏʸᵒᵀᵉᵈᵈʸᴮᵉᵃʳ~ (LongHaitus) | 93 comments Raven Says: "Sorry popping in to see that and it was funny XD"

Nikolai Replies: "Hehe, I'm glad you think so...i get frightened easily"

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