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True crime vs fictional crime.

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E.R. Yatscoff (focstay) True crime stories use real perps in real crimes. Many are bestsellers. If I use a real perp in a fictional story can this get me in trouble? I've done it once with a prominent pedophile and so far so good. I plan on using another who is on a Wanted List but the situation is different.

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Cluny | 12 comments Mod
I am not a lawyer so I cannot give you a definitive answer but I would say no, you cannot use a living, non historical person. In many works of fiction I have seen disclaimers staying that any resemblance to living individual is purely coincidental. Besides, basing on actual crimes with a fictional character very loosely based upon a real person gives a writer greater artistic license to develop plot etc..
With a real living person you would not be able to stray from fact.
Best wishes for a successful book.

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E.R. Yatscoff (focstay) Thanks.

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