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A Christmas Revelation (Christmas Stories, #16)
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annapi | 5069 comments Perry's Christmas novellas always seem to fall a bit short for me. I love her Victorian novels, but these novellas that feature secondary characters from her novels never seem to be quite as good.

This one features characters from the William Monk series - Squeaky Robinson, the ex-brothel owner who now is the bookkeeper for the women's clinic that is run by Hester Monk and Claudine Burroughs, and Worm, the orphan street urchin that was unofficially "adopted" by them and now lives at the clinic. Worm sees a beautiful woman being taken against her will by two men, and turns to Squeaky for help in finding her to offer their help. Naturally her story turns out to be more complicated, involving a robbery from two years back.

These Christmas shorts always seem to be more about setting an atmosphere and painting a picture rather than telling a story, or at least it seems to me there is a bit more description, sometimes confusing at that, than I prefer. Then again, it is in keeping with the literature of the time period so maybe the author does that deliberately. The story felt a bit contrived, and almost an afterthought or mere background to the character development of Squeaky and Worm. Good enough for 3 stars.

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Theresa | 7424 comments There is a certain skill needed to write a really good, satisfying, and complete short stories. I think it is the opposite of the gift for writing long novels. Few can do both with skill.

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