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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Contemporary Romance 2018 book about heroine needing bodyguard/security and she falls for his nerdy brother?

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message 1: by E (new)

E | 16 comments Slow burn romance - kind of akin to Pride and Prejudice but modern retelling - heroine falls for the nerdy brother of man protecting her?? I believe it came out this year, if not this year than last year - recently published. Thanks!

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Lobstergirl | 38241 comments Mod
Is it for New Adults or Regular Adults?

message 3: by Kris (last edited Dec 10, 2018 01:41PM) (new)

Kris | 34447 comments Mod
E, can you tell us more about the main characters - her job/skills, nerdy brother's job, why she needs a bodyguard/security, how they meet, rich/poor, family/friends, etc.?

What's the tone - romantic, romantic suspense, angsty, steamy/clean, funny, etc.?

Location - country, region, big city/small town?

message 4: by E (new)

E | 16 comments I believe it would be considered New Adult - steamy/funny....I can't remember much beyond that unfortunately but I'll try to come up with additional details and post them if I can...

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JE | 61 comments The Chemist by stephenie Meyer?

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