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message 1: by Matt (new)

Matt Martinez (mattmrtnz) | 11 comments I’m looking for beta readers for this urban-fantasy named Forest Whispers, complete at 125k words. With tons of elemental magic, a little bit of romance and a moody tone.

Here's a little about Forest Whispers:

Savannah Ross had already learned that in the superstitious town of Valency Falls, the gypsies in the woods were everything the citizens dreaded and avoided the most and that once inside the Gray Woods no one could never leave.

On a Saturday night, in an attempt to get over a troubled break-up, Savannah suffers an accident, victim of a wildfire that set her body on flames but leaves her unharmed, she is dragged to the depths of the Gray Woods to find the answers.

As she becomes friend with the gypsy Blake Dalaryo, Savannah discovers she has a gift, the ability to control one of the four elements of nature, the fire. And that the gypsies in the woods are not gypsies indeed but an ancient, forgotten folk who can do more than only tell stories, they know magic.

Blake and the folk in the woods help her at understanding and controlling this untamed gift, though she finds out that this whole power is useless when unexplainable things start to happen. Children are disappearing without leaving any trace, uncontrolled animals are attacking without a reason and the whole ground awakes covered with snow in the height of Summer. The townspeople blame the folk in the woods for the oddities but not even all the magic and knowledge they possess help them to get the answers. Savannah and Blake reunite forces to go on a mission for the missing children and for the source of these threats but the answer they find reveals a more sinister purpose than they could ever have imagined.

If any of you get interested in my story, please hmu here or send an email to

Thank You!

message 2: by Jean (new)

Jean McConnell (jcnl) | 10 comments Hello Skyler,

I'm interested in your story and would be willing to give it a go. Feel free to PM me and let me know if you're still looking for readers.


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