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The conch
Jack Mendelow Jack Dec 06, 2018 07:56AM
As the story continues what might the Conch start to be symbolized as?

The conch could be a symbol for such things as Crowns, thrones etc or something like the US Constitution that traditionally society has agreed to respect for the greater good. The greater good being served by the maintenance of order.

A crown is merely a pretty useless hat with shiny glass on it but if everyone agrees to the symbol, more important things such as law and order can be achieved.
Society needs the individual to commit to the notion that someone arbitrates in conflicts in order for the whole to function. In the book that someone is whomever is holding the conch.

I think the author tries to demonstrate that we are hard-wired for order and stability and things fall apart quickly when we have no tangible item/person that embodies this state of non-conflict.

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