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The residency of Vee Sky, who still lives with her parents.

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Lydia walked up the sidewalk to her family home, She was visiting for dinner with her family at the request of her mother. She wasn't exactly ecstatic about the occasion, knowing she would get bombarded with questions about her life, and her plans, and the future. She'd be expected to be their perfect daughter. She hadn't been free from her parents' expectations for long. She'd actually argue that she's never really been free from them. Her mom had asked Lydia to bring her boyfriend but Lydia lied and said he was busy. A family dinner was the perfect excuse to not stay in their apartment with him for a night.

Lydia's keys jingled as she pulled them from her bag, she kept the key to her family home for the nights her boyfriend got mad, or drunk, or just his off days. She'd sneak home and stay in her old bedroom, then slip out in the morning before anyone noticed she been there. Lydia opened the front door and plastered on her award-winning smile. She honestly deserved an Oscar for her performance as Lydia Sky, Miss perfect. "Hey guys! I'm home! Where is my wonderful family?" she called cheerfully.

She stepped in the doorway, closing the door behind her. She walked to a sofa in the living room and sat down, setting her purse on the floor by her feet. It didn't smell like food so she assumed that her mom hadn't begun cooking anything. It would be a while before they ate probably. Lydia slipped her shoes off and set them neatly on the floor next to her purse.

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Vee was upstairs in the attack, which happened to be her room. She had just came back from the woods, where she fed. Just thinking about the whole thing and how the poor animal looked after she was finished was enough to make her throw up. She hated doing what she did, and tried to avoid it as much as possible. But at the same time, the more she avoided it, the harder it was to control, and she couldn’t let that happen. Her thirst took control of her once, and because of it, she lost Norman. She couldn’t let it take someone else from her.

After changing into a sweater just in case the last thing had blood on it, she opened her door and headed downstairs. Just as she did, a familiar voice rang through the house, and she felt her stomach drop. Wonderful, she thought in annoyance. As much as she wanted to head back up to her room, she knew she had to help her mom with dinner.

“Oh! Lydia, sweetie.” Their mother called from the kitchen. She made her way to the living room where her daughter was before opening her arms to embrace her. “It’s so good to see you. You came early than I thought. But that’s okay.” She assures her.

Vee headed downstairs and walked past them into the kitchen, not bothering even say anything to her. She didn’t care for her sister as much as her parents, and everyone else, did.

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Madison (thegalpal) | 247 comments Lydia smiled as her mom approached "Hey mom! How's it going?" she asked hugging her back. She loved her family with all her heart. That's why she was so worried about not being perfect. She couldn't live with herself if she messed up and it somehow hurt them. She knew she didn't have the closest relationship with her sister but Lydia didn't know how to fix that, they were so different from each other.

"I'm sorry I'm so early, I guess I was just too excited to see my amazing family I couldn't stand to wait any longer." She grinned before hugging her mom tighter.

"Where is Vee?" She asked just in time to see her disappear into the kitchen. "Hey Vee" Lydia let go of her mom and followed her sister. "Hey what's up? How is school and everything! I'd love to hear all about what's been happening." She smiled. Lydia knew it was probably very obvious that she was trying way too hard, but that wasn't anything new to her, she always felt like she was trying too hard.

Lydia walked over to the fridge and looked in it for a drink, she found a bottle of water and pulled it out before going to sit at the kitchen table. Vee smelt odd to her, there was a weird hit of some metallic odor, it was so faint and Lydia couldn't quite place the smell but she was kind of craving it. She ignored the thought as best she could and just told herself she was just really hungry.

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“I’m good. I’m so glad to see you, Lydia. I’ve missed you. You should come over more often sweetie,” her mother said as she held onto her tightly before pulling back. She brushed her daughter's hair out of her face, looking at her adoringly. She was so perfect. “She’s here-” her mother started just as Vee passed them. She knew her daughter's relationship was as good as she hoped, and she obviously blamed Vee for it, because Lydia was trying to be close with her sister, and Lydia wouldn’t do anything to be distant to her. “Your father will be home soon, I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”

Vee was hoping Lydia would leave her alone, even though she had asked for her, and maybe follow their mother upstairs. But of course, she came into the kitchen to talk to her. She rolled her eyes at the amount of attempt her sister uses to make everything look okay between them, talking to her as if they were the best of buddies. “It’s fine. I’m fine. Nothing new.” She tells her bluntly as she goes to wash her hands. Nothings changed since her sister left except for the death of her best friend, which she was still hurting from, and Vee’s transformation. But she didn’t want to talk about any of that stuff, especially to her, because Lydia would look more perfect compared to her.

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Lydia slumped over a litter at her sister coldness toward her. She wasn’t sure why her sister hated her so much, she couldn’t even remember a time where they got along and she hated that. Vee was always out of reach in some way or another. She wasn’t old enough to play, or when she was she wanted to play with her best friend, or if she wasn’t with him she just didn’t want Lydia around. She’d never win with her sister.

“How are you really doing Vee? You lost your closest friend, that has to be hard on you. You can talk to me, you know that right?” Lydia frowned wanted to get up and hug her sister but knowing that would do no good considering their relationship. Lydia scanned her memories for any reason her sister would hate her so much, she had done this millions of times before and never found an answer, this time wasn’t any different. “What’s for dinner? Do you need any help cooking?” Lydia got up and moved closer to Vee, looking over her shoulder.

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Vee wanted to ignore her, tried to ignore her, but she couldn’t. She was right next to her and her voice was carrying itself to her ears. She didn’t want her to talk, especially about Norman. She didn’t want to think about him. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t meant to. She kept on reminding herself. She felt her eyes burn with unshed tears, but she quickly blinked them away. “I don’t want to talk about him.” She tells her as she dries her hands. “You don’t need to act like a psychiatrist.”

She hated how perfect her sister made herself look. Trying to speak to her, check on her, being the idol older sister and daughter. She didn’t want any of that. Vee left from the sink when her sister moved closer to her and went to grab some ingredients for dinner. “We’re making Parmesan chicken and spaghetti.” She told her sister in hopes that she would leave her alone now.

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Madison (thegalpal) | 247 comments Lydia flinched at her sister's words. "Vee I'm not trying to be a psychiatrist. I'm trying to be a good sister to you. Tell me how to do that because I'm lost" Her words came out sounding far more exhausted than she meant for them too. She felt like a failure, and that was something she'd feared her entire life, she'd worked so hard to avoid that feeling. In most aspects of her life, she'd succeeded at avoiding this terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. With Vee though, she never seemed to say or do the right thing, and that broke her heart because she cared more about what her sister thought of her than anyone else in the world.

The voice in the back of Lydia's head screamed at her to say something real, something important, but she didn't know how. Instead, Lydia forced a pretty smile and followed her sister to prepare for dinner "that sounds really good, I can help you! It'll be fun. We never get sister bonding time." She said with enthusiasm. She just hoped that it would be effective because the little bonding time they'd had in the past didn't really end with them 'bonding' in fact she'd say it had pushed them farther apart most times.

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Vee bit the inside of her cheek to refrain from lashing back at her. If she was a good sister, she would have payed more attention to her when she needed her. She wouldn’t have left the house. She would know originally when she needed to be there for her. So she didn’t want her now, even though she needed her now. She needed someone now because she was all alone.

But that wasn’t to say she was ever close to her before Norman died. Even then, Vee had Norman and didn’t care for her sister, especially when she believed her parents favored Lydia more. It was always about her. Be like Lydia. Think like Lydia. She’s perfect.

Vee just ignored everything her sister said, not caring for the bonding time she spoke about because she knew it wouldn’t work. It never did. Instead, she just moved around the kitchen as she prepared dinner.

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Lydia got the hint. She'd messed up again. She moved over to the kitchen table and sat again. She put her head in her hands, resting her elbows on the table. Lydia didn't know how to be good enough for her sister. She tried her hardest to make everyone happy but it was never enough, she always alienated someone.

"Vee, am I really that terrible to you? That you don't even want me to try? I'll stop if you want. I don't know how to make you happy." She was close to tears, her week hadn't gone well and she could have really benefitted from some good sister time. She didn't realize they were both feeling the same, that they needed someone. Lydia was beginning to grow tired of keeping up her act and it wouldn't be long before she'd snap.

Lydia didn't even wait for her answer, she stood from the kitchen table and began walking for the living room "I'll just leave you alone." She wasn't sure if she was leaving the room as a courtesy to her sister or because she was afraid of her sister's answers. "I'll just wait for dinner to be ready in the living room."

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Vee slowed down her movements at her sisters questioning. To be honest, she didn’t have a reply to them. If she did, she didn’t even think she would tell her. She didn’t need to explain herself to her sister, or at least she didn’t think she needed to. She didn’t even understand why her sister cared for her that much. So what if Vee didn’t care for her as her parents did. Wasn’t the attention she had from everyone else enough? Did she even need Vee to think she was perfect beyond comprehension? Because Vee wouldn’t give her that.

So she continued to stay, quite, letting her walk out of the kitchen just like she walked out from their home. Vee prepared dinner by herself at first, and then her mother joined her at the end. Their father eventually came home and greeted Lydia.

Later, they were all at the dinner table with the food out before them, eating. Well, Vee wasn’t really eating. She was just moving food around her plate, faking bites, and acting like she was eating. When no one was looking, Vee would push food off her plate and into her lap where there was a paper bag holding everything. She always did that when she ate with her family because she didn’t want them to suspect anything from her, especially her sister, who she was still avoiding looking at since she started eating.

After talking about the business that their father would be joining, he turned his attention to Lydia. “When will we get to see your boyfriend, Lydia? It’s been a while and I want to make sure he’s doing good by you.”

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Lydia wasn't shocked that her sister just let her walk away without a fight. She was hurt. Vee was the only person in her life who didn't see her as this perfect angel, her expectations didn't seem the same as everyone else's. She needed that right now. She didn't treat her like her life was peachy keen. Not that Lydia would actually TALK about her problems, but it was nice to know someone knew things weren't what they were supposed to be with Lydia.

As Lydia let her mind wonder her father came in to greet her and before she could even process her thoughts she found herself at the dinner table with her family. No one talking for a few long moments. Lydia stared at her plate for a while, when she looked up she caught Vee pushing her food over the side of the table, she could tell it wasn't the first time she'd done that because it was very sly. Lydia probably wouldn't have noticed if her timing had been off by even a millisecond. She was shocked and took a mental note to try to talk with her sister about it in private later.

Lydia was shocked to hear her dad bring up her boyfriend. She was almost pained by the topic and flinched a bit at the mention of her boyfriend. "Oh, he is just so busy, It's really hard to find the time. OH, and he hasn't been feeling well either so that's another reason!" she tripped over her excuses, but hoped they would buy her lies. She couldn't handle the truth, let alone tell her family the truth about why she never brought him around.

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Vee stared at the plate when her father was speaking to Lydia. Hearing the topic of boyfriends, she could help but think of how she would never have one. Who would want to be with her? A blood sucking monster who killed her own best friend. What made the whole thing worse was that it wasn’t like she would live for thirty, forty, or fifty years. She would live for three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, or more years, and she would live them alone. She could always try to show people she wasn’t a monster, see if they would except her for who she has become, or if she was lucky, she would find someone like her. Ugh. Why am I thinking about this.

“Well, I hope he feels better. Maybe next week he could come over for dinner,” her mother tells her. “How’s your work, Lydia?” Her father asks. “You should really look for another job, sweetie. I’m not sure how I feel about being a bartender.”

“Pft,” Vee said as she glanced between her parents. “That’s a first. I thought she was perfect in your guy's eyes.” She mumbles.

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Lydia rubbed her neck while her father expressed his concern for her boyfriend “maybe next week.” She said with a tense smile “but i’m not sure, we’ll see. Like I said he’s very busy” what she really meant was she wanted nothing LESS than for him to come to family dinner. She didn’t want him around her family. She didn’t like him around her, but her family was a whole other level, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she put them in danger by introducing them to him.

“Work is fine, I’m making pretty good money, and my coworkers are really nice.” She smiled, though the smile didn’t last long. “Dad, my job is-“ she was interrupted by Vee, and she was happy for that. Vee addressed their parents high expectations for Lydia, she didn’t think that Vee even noticed that. Though technically she didn’t realize that Vee really meant the way they practically treated Lydia like royalty, not how Lydia fought so hard to hold herself to their impossible expectations.

Lydia knew this was going to turn into a nasty argument in their family. She sat back and poked at her food, she was starving but this food didn’t appatize her at all. She actually felt a bit sick looking at it. She put a bite in her mouth, chewed it, then swallowed. She immediately felt it rise back up in her throat. Forgetting the discussion at hand she stood so fast her chair went flying back and knocked over. She ran to the bathroom as fast as she could to the bathroom and made it just in time to get sick into the toilet.

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“Vee. Why would you say that?” Her mother asked her daughter in disappointment. “What? I didn’t say anything wrong! Lydia is perfect in your eyes! Your always talking about why can’t I be with her. She’s your prefect little daughter, so her job is perfect. Isn’t it!” Vee said back quickly. “Don’t talk like that and don’t raise your voice.” Her father warns her. They were getting into a heated argument and didn’t even pay attention to Lydia. “Your-” his father started, but then there was a loud thud when the chair fell to the floor and Lydia was bolting to the bathroom. It happened all so sudden that the three didn“Lydia?! Lydia, what’s wrong sweetie?” Her mother said as her and their dad stood up. Vee watched her sister, wondering what the hell had gotten into her, and actaully felt a bit worried about her. “Vee, go with your sister and help her.” Her mother ordered her. Vee actually did as she said and quickly followed her while her mom went to get towels, of course after having to throw the paper bag with the food under the table when no one was looking. “Lydia? Wants wrong?” She asked her sister once she stood behind her. She knelt down behind her and pulled back her hair.

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Lydia lifted her head from the toilet to look at her sister "I just haven't been feeling well this week. Maybe food poisoning?" she said in a slow haze. "This has happened everytime I eat something, I must be sick" she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"You don't have to pretend to worry about me, just go back to dinner with mom and dad," she added before standing to go through the medicine cabinet for Pepto Bismol to settle her stomach. She couldn't seem to find the bright pink bottle though. Lydia searched frantically cursing under her breath a little bit muttering about finding the medicine. She ran a hand through her hair violently before huffing and putting her head in her hands
she was at a breaking point but trying her hardest to hold on.

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Vee pushed back her sisters hair and held it in place, but once Lydia lifted her head, she let go and stood up. Vee couldn’t help but remember how she had felt the same way when the curse started to change her, before she even knew what she was. She’s not changing? No. She’s sick. Just food poisoning like she said. Vee brushed away the idea. She made herself believe that her sister was truly sick unless..... “are you pregnant?” She couldn’t help but ask. She knew her sister was in a relationship, so there was a chance. She couldn’t help but think of how her parents would think about her. Would they think she’s still perfect? Did she actually want that to happen to her sister? No.

Hearing what Lydia said that though, she couldn’t help but think she probably deserved something like that. Rather than admit she was actually worried, she just scoffed and said, “well mom sent me, and dinner is already ruined. They won’t eat until they know you're okay.” Vee didn’t want to show her emotions, even at a moment like this. But seeing her sister act that way, she couldn’t help but ask, “Lydia, are you okay?” She moved closer so she could take a hold of her arm and force her to look at her.

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Lydia stared at the wall “are you pregnant?” The words rang through her head. Am I? She asked herself. It was very possible, but she prayed that it wasn't true. "I- uh I don't know" her voice cracked from fear. "I can't be. I really can't. You don't understand I just can't be preg- I can't have a baby." her attention turned to her sister, her eyes wide as she rambled frantically. Her breathing was quick and short as she began to sob. What would she do, she wasn't fit to be a mother, and her boyfriend wasn't even fit to be a husband let alone a father.

“I'm fine” She tried to convince herself, but failed "I'm fine. I am. I'm fine" she tried again between sobs. She knew it was a lie, and she was sure her sister would be able to tell too. "I'm trying to be fine. I'm trying really hard" she gave a deep sigh. Lydia had cracked finally and she knew it. She was absolutely mortified. After a moment at rock bottom, Lydia pulled herself together. "don't tell mom and dad, please, I need time to figure stuff out, and I don't even know if I really am-." she couldn't say it. "Tell them it's just food poisoning and I'm just going to go sleep it off in my old room. Vee, I'm begging you."

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Seeing Lydia like that was definitely a first for Vee. She didn’t know how to take it. It was like she was having a breakdown, one that Vee knew too well thanks to the many nights alone in her room after she killed Norman. But it was one thing for Vee to have those, and an another for her sister to have it. It looked so weird, so not her. But she didn’t blame her sister from freaking out. If she was pregnant... well, that was bad.

“Lydia. Lydia, calm down.” She tells her. Vee kind of regretted telling her sister that question. She didn’t like seeing her act this way. But it showed her that her sister wasn’t as perfect and well put as she thought. Vee moved to close the door, locking it so her mom wouldn’t walk in on them. She didn’t know what came over her, but she wanted to hide this side of her sister from her. “It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.” She moved to hold her sister's shoulders as she sobbed, seeing how she was trying to convince herself she was okay. When she asked her not to tell her mom, she shook her head and assured her, “Of course I won’t. Do worry. Now stop crying. Mom is going to come up. Wash your face so she won’t know you were crying.” She instructed her, knowing the procedure too well herself.

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Lydia took deep, shaky breaths trying to compose herself. She swiped at her tear-stained face before standing to wash her face, she was sure to pay extra careful attention to the eyes. "Thank you, Vee, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose it like I just did. I don't do that, I CAN'T do stuff like that. So I'm really sorry you had to see that." She gave her sister a soft, weakened smile.

Lydia grabbed a towel and gently patted her face dry before stopping to stare at her reflection. The girl staring back wasn't someone she recognized, she looked too grown up and polished to actually be her. "Vee? Would you mind going with me to get a test in the morning? Just to be sure." She avoided her sister's eyes, instead looking to the bathmat "I'm scared, Vee. I'm TERRIFIED actually."

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Vee moved back when Lydia straightened up and moved to wash her face as she suggested. She stepped closer to the door, and just watched her. She still couldn’t shake off the feeling of how weird it was to see her sister break down. Lydia, the girl that everyone said was perfect, the one her parents told her to be like, the one Vee was secretly jealous of, actually broke down in front of her. She actually felt.... bad. But come to think of it, it allowed Lydia to forget about asking why Vee pushed her food off the plate, not that Vee knew her sister knew.

When Lydia turned to her and asked her to go with her, Vee just stared at her sister in shock. Lydia was asking for her help? It left Vee speechless for a moment. But then she came to her sense. “Ugh... yeah. Of course.” She tells her, brushing her short hair out of her face, but it felt back. “Yeah.” She repeated. If anything, she was terrified too. But she wouldn’t tell her, because this time, she had to stay strong for her, as weird as that may be. There was a knock at the door and their mom's voice was behind it, obviously wanting to check on Lydia. Vee then stepped aside and moved to open the door for her, wondering if this small moment of bonding came to an end now.

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Lydia felt odd having had a break down in front of someone. She hadn't ever done that before, she had her break downs on her own. usually, late at night when her boyfriend would pass out drunk on the sofa after confessing how he cheated with this girl or that girl because of something Lydia had done, she would slip into the bathroom and let the sound of the shower drown out her sobs. Lydia was genuinely miserable despite being so good at playing ms. perfect.

Lydia could tell her sister was a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation and she kicked herself for doing that to Vee. "Thank you, Vee, I really appreciate this more than you can possibly know" Lydia moved to hug her sister for a moment, just before their mother came to the door. She immediately let go and turned back to the mirror to polish up when she heard the voice. "I'm fine mom, I just think I have a stomach bug or something. You enjoy dinner I'm just going to head to bed early." Lydia said with her perfected fake smile, this time she glanced at her sister knowing she probably knew how fake it was now.

Lydia watched as their mother left, having been satisfied with Lydia's act. She turned to face her sister again, allowing the act to drop. "When we go to get the test tomorrow we can also talk about what I saw a dinner earlier, your little food trick?" She raised an eyebrow at her sister in a very maternal fashion. "I won't tell mom, but I also won't aid you if you have some kind of eating disorder or something, I love you, Vee and I don't want to see you hurt yourself," Lydia said this with complete sincerity, though she was a bit worried her sister would get upset with her for talking about it.

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Vee froze when her sister pulled her into a hug. When was the last time she hugged her sister? When she was seven? Or was it before her and Norman became inseparable? She wasn’t sure. So she gave her a weak hug back, feeling the little warmth of her sister that was left from any humanity she still had in her as she slowly changed. When she pulled away, Vee just backed away, ready to disappear back into her loneliness.

She was just about to follow her mother and head out of the bathroom for her own room- kind of disgusted by the fake act and her worried mother- but then she heard Lydia bring up something that made her freeze in her track. With a raised brow, she said, “What?!” Any feeling she had towards her sister earlier left, and it was replaced with anger and annoyance. I can’t belive she saw me? Vee’s eyes narrowed and she rolled her eyes. “There’s nothing to talk about.” She simply said, closing off again and leaving her alone in the bathroom before she could say anything else. Now she was freaking out from the inside and was starting to even think of not going with her.

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Lydia watched her sister walk out of the bathroom and waited a moment, her sister hadn't been happy with her for her observation, that was no shock. As she walked to her own bedroom Lydia tried to think of something she could say to her sister about the food, she just couldn't think of something she could say to get through to Vee. Her mind also drifted to the chance of having a baby and it made her shudder, there was no way she could stay with her boyfriend after this, with or without a baby something had to change.

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