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Brianna Hardwicke | 1 comments I read this book in my 10th grade english class in one of our textbooks. It was in 2015 but the story is pretty old (most likely from the 1900s) It was about a French (I think) soldier who is ordered to execute a line of men by giving the order to shoot them. He is too afraid to give the order but someone behind him (I think it might have been his uncle or something) gives the order instead. Everyone ends up thinking that he did in fact give the order. Some time passes and the war is over. The soldier is now on a professional soccer team and it turns out that a man on the opposing team is the son of one of the men the soldier executed. As he is riding a bus home, he gets kidnapped by people who want revenge because of the execution. They lock him in a building which catches on fire and the son of one of the executed men (the one that was mentioned earlier) saves him and forgives him for executing his father. At the end of the story, just when you think everything is good, the soldier ends up getting shot by someone in the crowd.

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Ayshe | 4228 comments His Enemy, His Friend maybe?

Also, it sounds like "ends up getting shot" in thread's title is spoiler? If so, it has to be removed.

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