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Brooklyn Logan This is about a young girl named Madeline she has a very famous rare disease thats called SCID. She cant leave her house or go to school. She only sees her family and her nurse Carla.
Everything changes when she meets her new neighbor named Olly.She and Olly end up emailing and talking about why she can't leave etc. One day her dreams come true her and Olly get to explore. If she didnt meet Olly how do you think her life would be?

Brooklyn Logan Madeline is nervous to go outside. When her an Olly get closert things may change. She wonders what it would be like to explore the world with her diseases she wonders what all would happen to her. Olly wants to take her everywhere and explore with her but he doesnt know what would happen to her.She just wants to be a normal girl and live a normal life. When it comes to her health and life choices what one do you think she should put first?

Alba Mastromatteo This book made my heart burst. I really enjoyed reading it. I thought that all of the little inserts (her charts and etc.) were a very interesting touch to the story. When I found out that she wasn't really sick, I kind of got upset and the mother. I was so invested in Madeline that I Saw things out of her eyes. This is the purpose of a book for me. I want to be transferred to a different dimension. This book did that.

Gracie This book is about a girl named Madelaine who has a disease that prevents her from leaving her house. If she goes outside there is a huge chance that she will die. One day she looks out her window to see a boy named Ollie and his family moving next door. As her and Olly get to know each other they soon fall in love. But Maddy realizes that she has not been living a life she has been separated from the world and is ready to explore.

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