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The Blood Servant (The Blood Servant, #1)
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Jessica Edwards (jessibess) | 5 comments Hello lovelies!!
I would love to offer anybody the chance to read and review my latest novel 'The Blood Servant' for FREE! (But in PDF format)

Although I'm grateful for the people who've already read my books, I'd love a more honest opinion because I'd really like to improve!
If anyone is interested, please let me know!
Underneath is the synopsis! Enjoy <3

For years, creatures have roamed the Earth. For years, they have walked alongside humans as equals. For years, they have lived together in peace until a rebellion occurred not so long ago. Humans who no longer wanted to live amongst the supernatural began a rebellion where their goal was to completely wipe out the supernatural but failed miserably.
Now, creatures rule over mankind.
As their punishment for the rebellion, humans are to be auctioned and fulfil their life as a blood servant for the rest of their lives

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ella ☆ any pronouns (bianchibooks) | 10 comments Hello, Jessica!

I would be interested in receiving an ARC copy of The Blood Servant (The Blood Servant, #1). in exchange for a 100% honest review. You may email the PDF to me at at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
-Ella Bianchi | bianchibooks

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