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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane Kelsey (jane_kelsey) | 49 comments Mod

message 2: by Jane (new)

Jane Kelsey (jane_kelsey) | 49 comments Mod
oh my god! I was not expecting this to happen. Like wow! i predicted some of it but.. I can't wait for the end

message 3: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria In Wonderland (alexandriainwonderland) | 11 comments I know right! I have no idea how this is going to end well... Things are so intense!

message 4: by Claire (new)

Claire Wow! Talk about a lot happening all at once!
I can't believe the Emperor was murdered, and by Satoshi of all people! I knew there was something off about him. Killing his own father, though? I didn't see that coming.

And poor Sei! I'm really disappointed that she betrayed Mari, but I think we all knew that was coming. I do honestly understand her reasons, but she should have known she couldn't trust the High Priest.
I thought she'd manage to escape in the end, though. Can't believe she died.

I hope Taro comes to his senses soon. I understand he's mad, but he can't blame all yokai for his father's death, can he? Come on, he loves Mari, and she clearly has feelings for him. I hope they get it all sorted out soon.

message 5: by Jane (new)

Jane Kelsey (jane_kelsey) | 49 comments Mod
This was so good, I was on the edge of my seat because the characters did not quite behave the way I thought they would. it was a hell of a ride!

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