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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane Kelsey (jane_kelsey) | 49 comments Mod

Daniela - The Bookish Living (thebookishliving) | 15 comments "I do not wish to strip you of anything. But I do wish to build a bridge between us"

Daniela - The Bookish Living (thebookishliving) | 15 comments I'm so sad for Asamis dead, but the room decided. Akira is so wooow in this part of the book, he's bold and audacious. He doesn't even show any fear around Hanako or the other yokais anymore. The only thing that bothers me its his reaction now that he has seen Mari and Taro together, because it's obvious that Mari cares for her husband. I'm happy now, but still there's something that doesn't quite fit, maybe Taro is not that brave to fight along with Mari.

message 4: by Charvi (new)

Charvi (notjustfiction) I don't like how Asami 's death was over so soon and seemed to be dismissed easily. Akira seem slightly out of character and things are going askew. I'm just going to read ahead and finish the book because I can't stop :P

message 5: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria In Wonderland (alexandriainwonderland) | 11 comments Just finished and I have a foreboding sense of doom...

The interaction between Sei and the High Priest (Taros half brother... can't remember his name)! What happened there? Why is Sei asking about Maris home like she's trying to gather information...? I hope I'm wrong...

"You're back is turned, unprepared for a stab between the shoulder blades."

message 6: by Jane (new)

Jane Kelsey (jane_kelsey) | 49 comments Mod
well put Alex. I actually forgot that he was the half brother. I think he has his own plans of what will be

Daniela - The Bookish Living (thebookishliving) | 15 comments Good point Alex, I had forgotten about it. Do you think he suspects anything? I'm so afraid of what might happen from now on.

message 8: by Claire (new)

Claire Okay, I'm at a point now where I'm really worried about Taro will react when her learns the truth about Mari. I mean, will he completely reject her when he finds out? He doesn't seem that kind of guy, but who knows?

And there's obviously war looming on the horizon here. I wonder if it's beginning to set the scene for a sequel? I mean there's an awful lot to resolve in just the one book, you know?

Has anyone else noticed how sick the king is starting to look? I wonder if he's going to die and leave Taro in charge. Maybe that's why he's being so strict, sort of forcing Taro to grow up quickly so he can take charge when he's gone.

And you're right, Alex! It's totally suspicious that Sei should be asking questions like that. I don't trust Satoshi either!

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