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Jane Kelsey (jane_kelsey) | 49 comments Mod

message 2: by Charvi (new)

Charvi (notjustfiction) Am I the first one here? I just can't stop reading! What happened in the fall room was interesting. I like Nori and I love how Asami and Mari went back and gave her a scroll. Taro is falling too fast for Mari and it irks me a bit. No fault on Taro's part, I just dislike insta love. I love the fact that Asami is a spider yokai(I had guessed that she was one but which yokai I didn't know)

I love how the girls are bonding together also this book simultaneously addresses mang issues that girls face in the society which isn't something you usually see fantasy books tackle and I am absolutely loving it! I'm gonna try and stop reading so that everyone can catch up now lol.

Also I'm pulling a page from Alex's book and adding a couple of my favorite quotes here ❤️

'Those foolish women forget: our bodies are not ornaments; they are instruments.'

'Perhaps it is because I am so small; nobody ever believes that I can do big things.'

Daniela - The Bookish Living (thebookishliving) | 15 comments The Fall Room, I'm still processing all that happened there. I like Nori too, love the way she stands up for her principles no matter the cost. This book empowers women in an exquisite way, and I'm grateful for that.

Yes! My assumption about Asami were correct, she is a yokai that has infiltrated into the palace and not only that, but she's planning to win the competition and to kill the royal family.

My romantic-self is melting with everything that's happening between Mari and Taro. When he takes her to his workshop and he opens up to her I almost died, and I did die when Mari leaves him after they kissed. I admire Maris determination to fulfill her duty as she's expected to, but I can see that she's fighting an inner battle with herself too and not just because of Taro but also for Sei.

Daniela - The Bookish Living (thebookishliving) | 15 comments Favourite quote: We've been pushed around and forced into quiet rooms our whole lives. Nobody's ever asked us what we wanted. The prize isn't the Prince. It's the power.

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Charvi (notjustfiction) yesss this is one od my favorite quotes too 11

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Charvi (notjustfiction) *of *!!

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Claire Wow, we're really starting to get some major peril in the story now. Those plans that Akira has learned are going to spell trouble for Mari no matter what happens.

Meanwhile, it's nice to see that Mari and Taro really appear to be falling in love. I like a romance that isn't immediate, but builds up nice and slow. It's so much more meaningful. I still think Taro needs to work on coming across a little less stern and arrogant, though.

Aren't the rooms awesome? I really enjoyed the Fall room, it was exciting. I wonder what the Winter and Spring rooms will be like...

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Véronique | 6 comments I am loving this book so much. I like the different rooms and I like how the girls are bonding. The final battle between them is going to be tough, although I do wonder if they’ll ever make it to the last room. Now that we know of Hanako’s plan, I feel like they might infiltrate the palace before the competition ends. I love how the relationship between Taro and Mari is progressing, but it does seem a bit, I don’t know, unreal. Taro doesn’t even know Mari and after seeing her climg over the garden wall that first night he’s like instantly in love with her???

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Charvi (notjustfiction) yes, I agree Veronique... this is the insta love trope and doesn't seem to have much of a basis...Love the rest of the book so I'm bearing with it for now

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Alexandria In Wonderland (alexandriainwonderland) | 11 comments Yesterday was such a hectic day but I did get the reading done.

Agree with pretty much all the comments above. The insta love is a minus point for this book but there are so many other positives that I'm not too bothered by it.

I like that the Asami prediction was correct. The different plot threads are starting to come together. I'm very keen to see what Akira is going to do about this.

"The Snow Girl clearly still polished her chains while plotting a revolution."

"Winter would always be for regrets."

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Jane Kelsey (jane_kelsey) | 49 comments Mod
I finished my bit yesterday as well but didn't have the time to pop around. glad you guys enjoyed it. I feel the same about the romance so far. I feel it could've been done without the romance at this stage because the writing is really good and I am enjoying everything else a lot. I do think they're a cite couple, but somehow feels to rushed Taro's feeling and when he said something along the lines that he knew her personality I was like.. What?! from talking to her on 3 occasions and in one of those she punched you? guy really needs to meet more girls. This is the trope that I don't like, I can cope with Insta attraction, but you can't say you know someone after such short time.

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Charvi (notjustfiction) yes, exactly. He literally met her 3 times -_-

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