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message 1: by Sarina (new)

Sarina (inquisitiveowl) | 23 comments Karina wrote: "As a daughter of divorced parents -from 10 years ago- I've always divide my Christmas and New Year holidays with my parents. I've never spent a sad holiday season but in recent years it has been st..."

Usually I spend Christmas with nearly every part of my family, but this past year I’ve really had to reckon with my mental illness which is changing things. I’ve stopped trying to hide my mental illness, and some of my extended family isn’t very understanding about it to the point where it is difficult to be around them right now. I have a duty to myself this year to spend Christmas where I am comfortable and where I can be myself without worrying. So, I’m going to have a small, self-care Christmas this year. I’m a little sad about it, but I’m not too sad because I know it’s what’s best for me.

message 2: by Pam (last edited Dec 06, 2018 06:46AM) (new)

Pam | 1080 comments Mod
Sarina wrote: "So, I’m going to have a small, self-care Christmas this year. I’m a little sad about it, but I’m not too sad because I know it’s what’s best for me."

What do you have planned? A mini at-home spa day with face masks and bubble baths? Cozying up in a extra soft blanket and reading a good book? Going out to the theater complex to see a movie with a GIANT tub of extra buttery popcorn and milk duds?

message 3: by Sarina (new)

Sarina (inquisitiveowl) | 23 comments I’m planning on chilling with my siblings and mom for some of it and watching some old Doctor Who episodes and some Killing Eve for the rest of it. I’m thinking I’ll be wearing pajamas and slippers all day. A spa day sounds like a great idea, I might have to add that in. What are you doing for Christmas, Pam?

message 4: by Willow (new)

Willow Croft (willowcroft) | 4 comments Watch the X-Files "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas". A little bit of nerd humour is always welcomed, this time of year. :-)

message 5: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 428 comments Endure the traditional family dinner and hope that there will a re-run of "We're no Angels" on some channel.

Oh, and being German I'm genetically predisposed to enjoy viewing Three wishes for Cinderella one, or two, or three, or a few more times over the holidays... best part of Christmas!

message 6: by Felicia (new)

Felicia (feliciajoe) I spent some time at my parents' house. On Christmas Eve, it's just me, my parents and my sister. Last year we talked about traditions, and which ones we only do because we feel like we must, so we have skipped a lot. Now we just have dinner and make the tree pretty and play boardgames. (I work in a board game store, so I know the actually good ones!)

message 7: by Tori (new)

Tori | 3 comments Usually at my parents but this is my first one married! Looking forward to some new traditions!

message 8: by Korri (new)

Korri | 3 comments I live next door to my dad and stepmom so I wake up Christmas morning and go next door in my jammies and open presents and look in my stocking and then get ready for family to come over to their house.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Personnaly, it has been 3 years I see many people I love only once a year since I was living in a different country/continent. It is during Christmas period but it does not matter what (having homemade lunchs/dinners, discussing and playing "board games" or even going outside in the cold to revisit Paris again) I do as long as I do it with them. Catching up with them is always the best present I can be offered :)

message 10: by Megan (new)

Megan Cheang | 97 comments I spend time with my family but as the years pass, I miss our more traditional family gatherings around the Christmas tree with the toy train around it. Life was so much warmer then.

message 11: by Jazmyn (new)

Jazmyn Hennessy | 1 comments Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year - receiving gifts is lovely, but watching the reactions on the faces of my loved ones when they open something I've made them...it fills my heart and seems to create the most beautiful and loving environment.

Also, it is not really Christmas without the corny movies and hot chocolate.

message 12: by Jacques (new)

Jacques (jacquesretief) | 1 comments With friends and family. Don't care about the presents. To be with my loved ones is all i want.

message 13: by Cyn (new)

Cyn | 80 comments Usually I stayed home with my mom and my sister (some years, my uncle and cousin join in) or I visit distant cousins with my dad. Either way, I like it. It's nice to spend it with people I love.

message 14: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Gerd wrote: "Endure the traditional family dinner and hope that there will a re-run of "We're no Angels" on some channel.

Oh, and being German I'm genetically predisposed to enjoy viewing Three wishes for Cind..."

Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel?
I love that movie!

message 15: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1080 comments Mod
Sarina wrote: "What are you doing for Christmas, Pam?

I and my SO are from large families (6 children, 5 children) and have even larger extended families (11 children, 6 children) so once you add everyone's SO and all of their children is can easily be a 30+ person household. So typically we have around 5 celebrations. Two with the immediate families, two with the extended families, and then my family also hosts a brunch thrown in just in case you didn't get a chance to talk to everyone the first two times. And then there is Christmas Eve. This year because some of my siblings have to get home early enough on Tuesday as they work Wednesday and some of the others work weekends, we're going to have two extra "gatherings" over the weekend. So I'm looking at close to 7 unique family gatherings this year.

Plus whatever family gift my mom has picked out. I told her once that as adults, we don't need presents, we just need memories. So now instead of buying each other presents we all put in x dollars and have a large group outing. One year ago it was paint balls, another it was a shooting range. Last year we did go carts. A lot of fun.

As an inteovert, this tends to be intense for me. I love my family. But after back to back events I have to pace out how to make sure my "break" is actually one where I can recharge my batteries and not something that "breaks" me. I know this sounds selfish and once I'm at events, I enjoy hanging out with my family alot, especially as everyone gets older and as others are having kids and they are getting older. But the holidays are often like staring down a festive gauntlet. Everything is very pretty and great, but I'm going to be exhausted and grumpy afterwards.

So as far as self care days go. I'm all over those. Mini events like baking cookies or pre-xmas day events I try to leave after a respectable 4 hours there. At events I try to be the "fixer" so I have tasks to do so I can focus and have a moment of alone time before going back into a crowd of 30+ people. You need the trash taken out- I'm there! You need someone to run and grab more ice- I got it! Aunt Betty needs help getting to her car-OK! And I try to sleep or read or clean or take my dog for a walk when I'm not at a event. But it in all reality is New Year's before I can recharge again.

Any other introverts here? Do you have any party tips?

message 16: by Stacy (new)

Stacy  R I cut myself off from my mom and brother a while ago and my husband only has his dad, so we do nothing. It is delightful and relaxing. We've gone trail running, skating, snowshoeing,to the dog park, etc. This year I had back surgery, so there will be a lot of sitting, readinv, and lying down.

message 17: by Renata (new)

Renata Fernandes (renatafernandestorres) Hi, Pam. I really like the idea of being helpful as a means of getting busy. I spend Christmas with my mom's wife family. I have a lot of bad memories regarding past conflicts, but this Christmas I'm choosing not to dwell on them because I've realized that only makes me angrier and grumpier. Instead, I'll focus on people that really care about me and who'll be happy I'm there: My boyfriend, whose family doesn't celebrate anything, my sister and my mom. Oh, and the food. As much as I love Christmas time, my depression impulses tell me staying home is always better. But I've been feeling really lonely lately, so I think it's time to get on board and just leave the house to see people for a couple of hours. I don't know if I'll be able to make it for the 2 Christmas events (in Brazil we celebrate it on 24 and 25. What a joy for introverts!). There's just so much pseudo-extended family I can take. Any advice on how to handle family and pseudo-family?

message 18: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments I'm an only child and my family is, in total not very big.
The whole festivity thing is also rather easily dealt with: On 24th celebrating with my parents, then with each of my grandparents on the 25th and 26th (Christmas is a 3-day celebration in Austria).

That's basically it, this year I'm gonna spend New Year with my flatmate, and I look forward to that:)

And to everyone out there for whom Christmas is a difficult time because family is difficult to deal with: I've been there and I know how much it sucks, and I'm sorry that you have to deal with this.

message 19: by Megan (new)

Megan Cheang | 97 comments Hmm, well family time has significant decreased as I grew up, especially since my sisters now live overseas. There is no more cozy family gatherings or a Christmas tree with a Choo Choo train running around it. Still, whenever Christmas comes I go on a shopping spree to buy gifts from my friends and family. Even if they don't want a present, and even if I don't get anything, I still want to buy them stuff. I'm not very sociable and giving presents is my way of showing affection.

message 20: by Stella (new)

Stella I, too, am an introvert who struggles with family gatherings this time of year. I always seem to have a picture in my head of how it "should" be, but it never is. I will do my best, and wish you all the best. A very happy holidays to all!

message 21: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Trofimencoff | 48 comments I’m an introvert who hosts Christmas Eve dinner each year with my side of the family and my husband’s parents. It is a challenge but because it’s in my home it’s a little easier to cope. Everyone brings something so that also makes it easier. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate 🎄Enjoy the holidays - I hope Santa brings me some books 📚😉

message 22: by Dianna (new)

Dianna scruggs (diannascruggs) | 1 comments Christmas is usually spent with time well divided without plan.
This will by me second Christmas living on my own with my Husband, depending on work schedules is how our day rolls out.
This year my Husband works early morning for his Hotel, so I’ll be making a very short visit to my moms house to drop off a gift. Always a short visit, like Amy Schumer I’m an introvert who loves people I just need to recharge often.
After I recharge at home, we will go to his parents house. No breaks for recharge there and we spend a lot of time there too. However the wine helps. We exchange gifts and discuss our hopes for the new year. This is our first officially married Christmas so I feel this discussion may involve kids... *run away*
After the in-laws we will go nome, and exchange our gifts. Thanks to cookies on the computer our gifts have been spoiled but oh well. We will still have fun setting everything up.
Then onto our traditional Christmas Night workout at the gym- heaps of anxiety for me. Last Christmas on the way home someone ran a stop sign and totaled my husbands truck, and injured my back beyond repair and having a forever effect on my living and hobby’s... it’ll be a nervous drive but that’s our 2018 Christmas.

message 23: by Judy (new)

Judy (judygreeneyes) | 9 comments We celebrate Hanukkah, which is often a real blessing at this time of year since it is more low-key than Christmas, and is sometimes (like this year) over long before Christmas. Still, there are a lot of gatherings with family and friends and it can be overwhelming. I love my extended family, but a little goes a long way. I am also an introvert, and my husband even more than me. We try to not over-schedule ourselves, avoid going just because we were invited, and leave when we feel like leaving. I don't think it is selfish to do what is best for you. Take the time you need and don't do more than you can. Happy Christmas to all of you. I hope you get some good books!

message 24: by Jehona (new)

Jehona | 7 comments Since I'm not and I've never been a Christian, it is a very modified Christmas for me. I love the tree, lights, decorations and presents (especially getting them :P ), and I would never miss a chance for making a large dinner with several dishes (which last for several days after). But, I don't do any of the religious stuff. It's just me and my boyfriend, though, and after dinner we'll probably just watch some movie or even read. Neither of us has any family nearby, so...

message 25: by Megan (new)

Megan Cheang | 97 comments Tracy wrote: "I’m an introvert who hosts Christmas Eve dinner each year with my side of the family and my husband’s parents. It is a challenge but because it’s in my home it’s a little easier to cope. Everyone b..."

Every bookworm's wish to be given books, but question would you rather they give you books or book shop vouches ;) lol
Personally I prefer the latter because it prevents me from using my own allowance to buy the books lol

message 26: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments Megan wrote: "Tracy wrote: "I’m an introvert who hosts Christmas Eve dinner each year with my side of the family and my husband’s parents. It is a challenge but because it’s in my home it’s a little easier to co..."

This is something I can really relate to!

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