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message 1: by Travis (new)

Travis Casey (traviscasey) | 17 comments I'm looking for a first ever reader for my 39,000 word RV nightmare excursion. Here's how it went down (the blurb)

It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense. — Mark Twain

After selling their Minnesota home, Travis and Wendy plan an elaborate departure from the United States before repatriating themselves to the UK. Buying a second-hand RV, visiting states unknown, and selling the campervan after reaching Florida would make for an exciting exit. They pack their lives and blind Shih Tzu dog into a thirty-one-foot RV and hit the open road. They soon discover 'RV' doesn't mean 'Reliable Vehicle.'

The once luxurious RV rolls through the Midwest heading for the Deep South. As historical sites give way to repair shops, the excitement of the once-in-a-lifetime trip soon turns into apprehension of what's around the next corner. With the wheels literary coming off the wagon, bogus repairs, temperatures rising inside the RV and under the hood, sleeping in junkyards, and being laughed at by the Mississippi police, the once happy couple just want the nightmare to end and return to England. But the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles has the final say as to when they can leave.

This is a story of "You couldn't make it up."

PM me with email details and I'll send a doc or docx manuscript


message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments I am interested. Please PM me

message 3: by R. (new)

R. Read | 5 comments Happy to read it Monday! Shetoobook at gmail. Paying has not served me well, if you have time to browse mine called Energy Fix great. If not NBD

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