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UNSOLVED: One specific book > fiction + young(ish) girl causes auto accident and she and the man start a relationship.

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Sarah  | 1 comments I read this book in 2017ish, I think . Potential spoilers ahead because I honestly don't remember.

This girl runs into the street and causes a motorcycle accident. She doesn't speak much. He's hurt and she takes him into the house where he sees the lack of food. He starts taking care of them. They start a relationship...

The book didn't seem to be in a different time, so contemporary in maybe the midwest? I think it was a short title. The author was female.

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The Token by Marata Eros? (Google search -- site:www.goodreads.com "contemporary romance" "into the street" accident motorcycle)

Sarah, can you tell us more about the main characters - their ages, jobs/skills/interests, why does she run into the street, is he a biker, etc.?

What's the tone - romantic, romantic suspense, angsty, steamy/clean, sad, funny, etc.?

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