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Here you go!

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Spirit mage
(Spirit's name: shadow)
Age: 20
Gender: female
Sexuality: undecided
Birthday: Christmas
Relationship: single

Personality: cheerful, and a fashionista
History: she was born with the power of dark magic. She was neglected by everyone in her town, but her teacher, a satanist. The satanist was very kind, despite being hated by everyone. Spirit Mage was influenced by this. She keeps her real name a secret, not even the satanist knew. When she was old enough to control her powers, she summoned her first spirit, Shadow. Shadow is a demon spirit and is always by her side. She can summon other spirits and demons too, to help her with whatever she needs. But she loves to keep Shadow with her, and Shadow loves being with her too.
Power: black magic, summon spirits and demons
Weakness: no known weakness at the moment
Side: both, she'll switch from side to side. One moment she'll help someone, the next she's stealing

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