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UNSOLVED: One specific book > College, h is twin to H's BFF, but started a year behind. Trouble with her ex. Spoilers ahead.

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MJ | 1382 comments Likely iBooks (free or cheap at the time)
Read in the last few years

I know there's spoilers... but can't remember when the reveals are made (early or late in the book), so beware.

- h starts college a year later than twin brother
- h is 'damaged' from previous relationship (either just fail or possibly abuse)
- H is twin brothers BFF, and doesn't know the story of h, but likes her and 'keeps pushing' (not in a bad way) to get past her barriers
- h is really fit, and I think there's a scene of bother/H/both(?), insisting she get some self defence tips from them... and she kicks ass, cause she spent the last year learning kickboxing (or something close to that scenario)
- ex wants her back, and I know he pops up, but not sure how many times or how full on he is
- think the parents (h & ex) want them back together... h parents may even have engineered interactions, and possibly him finding her when she left (year before college & maybe during college)
- THINK h & twin may have written off parents because of their NEED to force a marriage... possibly something to do with social standing/stigma (they may have written h off when she refused and twin cut ties in solidarity)

Big spoilers, but boys sure when in the book they come out.

- can't remember if h found ex cheating and called it off, or it was a date rape situation
- h was pregnant by ex by end of high school, and he (and all the parents) wanted a quick marriage to cover it up. Think some of them were politicians, but they were all 'background assholes'
- ex was a whiny little shit who wanted her to stop being difficult and marry him cause his parents were pissed there was a scandal (think he did kind of care for her in that 'I'm a whiny rich teenager and you fit' type of way)
- because of the parent issues, h took off for the first college year to have the baby and adopt out... ex was threatening to keep it to try and force her to marry him, but he didn't really want a baby, just wanted the cushy life back
- eventually H finds out all of the above (think there's a ex/H scene) and loves and supports her
- open adoption and h & H go together to visit little girl for first birthday maybe
- think ex gets his shit together in the end and sorts his own visitation
- there's a scene when twin pushes h about something and she basically says that she wanted to keep the baby but parents and ex situation wouldn't allow it, so ex or parents were the reason his niece wasn't in their lives

Many thank

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Kris | 35126 comments Mod
MJ, how old are the main characters now and what are their jobs/skills/interests?

Notes to help keep the details straight:
- Heroine's twin brother is the hero's best friend
- She got pregnant by ex-boyfriend at end of high school, he wanted to get married to cover this up
- She's damaged, spent last year learning kickboxing/self defence(?)

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MJ | 1382 comments I think they're around 19/20. The guys were in second year, she was delayed a year cause of the pregnancy.

Don't think there was anything specific about jobs or hobbies etc.

Think she learnt kickboxing to get rid of baby weight... I'm unsure if the pregnancy was because the ex raped her or just an accident. If it's not a date rape thing, then maybe she found him cheating and refused to marry a cheater just to save scandal (both sets of parents were insisting on marriage, and the ex was following orders pretty much).

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MJ | 1382 comments And yep, the H is the twin brothers BFF.

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MJ | 1382 comments Bump (twin)

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Terri | 341 comments Just a quick follow up from the previously mentioned comment. I find it very confusing when people write their descriptions just using "h" for the main characters. Who is supposed to be who? I hope this is found, because it sounds good, but writing a more descriptive description would be much better. Do you remember any names from this book? That may help jog someone's memory

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MJ | 1382 comments Not found yet, and I can’t place names for this one either. Still going thru my lists too.

The h/H is a quick way to refer to h= heroine and H= Hero. There is a ‘short hand’ thread somewhere that explains the different types of abbreviations. Things like FYI, jic, HR & iirc.

The one that always tweaks me is MC. To me, that’s Motorcycle Club... but people also use it as Main Character, so that one always takes me a second to translate ;)

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Lobstergirl | 39280 comments Mod
But why would you acquiesce to a system where the woman gets a lower case letter and the man gets the upper case? Particularly since romances are mostly read by women.

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5198 comments https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

It's just the shorthand that's used.
Apparently, the romance-reading community prefer their men bigger than they.

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MJ | 1382 comments Lol, I know, that s/D side of the shortcut bugs me sometimes too, but at the end of the day, we can’t PC our selves into a corner where nothing is acceptable to say in case it has an alternate meaning or may offend someone.

Using h/H as ‘names’ when names are missing is a quick way of ensuring everyone knows you’re talking about the h/H, and not he/she’ing all over the place, and trying to weed out when you’re talking about a support character either.

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MJ | 1382 comments Bump (twin)

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MJ | 1382 comments Bump (twin)

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Kris | 35126 comments Mod
MJ, what's the genre (which we need to add to the header/topic title) - e.g., adult contemporary romance?

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