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Name: Creed Eritan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: December 9
Relationship: single

Character description/picture:
Creed has short light blond hair and green eyes. He has very pale skin as it has been a long time since he has had time out in the sun.
Creed is forced to wear a shock collar so if he ever tries something, they can take him down quickly. He wears a large black and white striped prison uniform, and a tight leather hand wrap that keeps his hands together and hidden.

History: Creed was always an evil child. Raised by his mother and father, Creed would always trick his parents, playing mind games, fooling them as if he had disappeared, etc. One day when Creed was 5, after he had run away from school, his mother was dragging him into the house from the car, Creed kept yelling at her to stop as he didn’t want to be punished. His mother stopped moving, her hand still wrapped around Creed’s wrist. He stayed there for a few minutes, stunned. His father came out to check on them, because he had heard the car pull up, but not them enter the house. His father found Creed staring up at his frozen mother. His father ran up to him and tried to pull Creed away from his mother, but Creed wanted his father to stay away from him, and his mother followed his bidding, attacking Creed’s father until he was far enough away, and his mother was released from Creed’s control. Creed’s parents panicked, calling the police, who took Creed, and placed him under the care of one of the worker, so they could keep a close eye on him. 4 years passed, with only a few minor incidents which were handlers quickly by his caretaker. 9 years old, and Creed didn’t have “friends”, per se, but more of a following, people that idolized him, the smartest kid in class. In reality, most of his class were too scared of him to disrespect him or stay away. The most they could do to not draw his attention was to bow to his every whim and not disrespect or question any of his orders. His teachers all feared him, but dare not say anything to their supervisors for they would only say there are being overdramatic.
High school came around, and the same thing happened. No friends for Creed, only a large gathering of followers, and a closer inner circle of people he “trusted” more than others.
Sophomore year- Creed began to plant seeds of rebellion, slowly convincing his following that Superheroes were taking every thing for themselves, controlling what every person with super powers could or couldn’t do. He convinced them that they should fight back, and take back what truly belonged to them- freedom.
Junior year- Creed put his plan into action, planning out the rebellion. He told each of his inner circle a piece of the plan, but not the entirety. He did not trust them enough to tell them everything. He could not trust anyone but himself.
Then came the day. Creed and all of his followers stormed superhero HQ, planning to take it down brick by brick, and show that superheroes aren’t unstoppable, that if they couldn’t even protect themselves, how could anyone expect the Heroes to defend them, and their families. All did not go as planned. One of his inner circle grew afraid of Creed and his plan. He went to the supers and told them of what Creed would do, and if everything the boy knew.
Creed attacked, but lost, the heroes already expecting him. They managed to contain Creed and force him into a holding cell. The rest of Creed’s “army” was interrogated and it was found that most had been manipulated by Creed.
Creed tried to escape once while he was being escorted into the prison. He dropped to the ground, feigning sickness. One of the guards dropped down to check on him, and Creed slipped his hand into her sleeve, touching her skin. The guard turned on the guards, attacking them, bringing one to the ground. Two other guards focused on subduing the rouge guard, while another shot Creed in the arm as he was running for freedom. The guard was eventually subdued and treated, and Creed was treated with more caution. He was put in a solitary cell in a heavily guarded area of the prison, reserved for the worst of the worst.
Creed is only treated with utmost caution, with guards wearing full body suits with no skin exposed. He is only interacted with for meals - pushed in through a slot - and once a week he is taken to a large room for a session with a psychiatrist, who tries to determine what led Creed down his path of wickedness, and to see where it went wrong. None have ever had any headway

Personality: Creed is insane. He is cruel and manipulative in every way. There is no deeper emotion behind him and his ways, just the burning need to control everyone and everything around him.

Power: Can control people/peoples emotions, can implant/remove memories,
When forcing someone to do something he can stop touching them, and they will complete the order under his control, then revert back to normal.
Likes: himself, manipulating others with his words, cats, snakes
Dislikes: Superheroes, the color blue
Weakness: Must be in contact with target to use powers (skin to skin)

Side: Evil
Hero/villain name: Mastermind

Other: is labeled Mentally Insane. Not allowed to come into contact with public.

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