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Katey Abbott | 70 comments Mod
You can post your fanfics short or long! If you do/do not want critique plz write that in.

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Eva | 22 comments So, Keefe...

Keefe's brow furrowed as he sat down next to Fitz. Fitz cast a glance at him, looking concerned for his friend. He could tell something was wrong.

"Sophie's mad at me. At least, I think she is. We were talking, and then we just sort of..." Keefe sighed, and thrust his hands into the air. "She probably hates me."

Fitz blinked in surprise. "You know, man, I'm jealous of you because she seems to like you so much!"

Keefe laughed wryly, shaking his head. "She's just got to choose who she hates less, I guess. That's it, isn't it, she got to choose."

"Fitzphie or Sokeefe," Fitz agreed. Keefe looked at him in disbelief.

"That was totally... dude, what are you, a schoolgirl? With the little ship names?"

Fitz blushed and punched Keefe in the shoulder, but he was smiling a little as he grumbled, "I didn't come up with those names. It was Biana."

"Sure, blame it on your sister."

"Well, Sophie does have to choose. We can't go on like this, I mean, it's getting a little ridiculous. Just choose one, you know?"

"Changing the subject, dude, but yeah, I know. I mean, please, Sophie! Which one do you choose?"

The door opened, and Sophie was behind it. Fitz and Keefe shot looks at each other, and Sophie raised her eyebrows. Then she shook her head and turned towards Keefe.

"So, Keefe..."

Keefe leaped up, clapped his hands, and laughed. Fitz groaned and put his face in his hand, and Sophie just stood there looking confused.

"I'm missing something in this conversation," Sophie said slowly.

"She did it, she chose Sokeefe!" Keefe shouted gleefully.

"Uh, Sophie, what do you get if you combine me and a phoenix?" Fitz asked quickly.

"A bird with teal eyes? Um... a Fitz-phoenix?" she suggested. Fitz laughed and started to stand up, but Keefe shoved him down.

"Nuh, uh, bro, you just got your ship nixed. Fitz-phoenix. Fitzphie nix. Got it?" he chortled. Fitz looked furious, but Sophie looked even more so. She frowned and folded her arms.

"So this is about... Yeah, see you two later."

She turned on her heel and shuffled out the door, leaving a scowling Fitz and a cackling Keefe behind.

I hope you liked it! If anyone has heard this before, please let me know, because I've also posted it on other mediums as Bib-li-o-ma-ni-ac. I'm totally fine with constructive criticism as long! Please do tell me about any grammar mistakes.

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Eva | 22 comments Second time posting in a row, but I've been dying to share some of these!

Fitz: We all need a little more weird in our lives.
Sophie: You sound like you just quoted Hallmark or something.
Fitz: What’s Hallmark?
Sophie: Well they have this television station….
Fitz: What television?
Sophie: Never mind.


Fitz: Sophie and I had to go see Elwin yesterday.
Keefe: Hey, that’s MY thing!!!!
Fitz: What’s your thing?
Keefe: Physician visits with Foster.
Fitz: Well next time you can smash your skull against a rock instead of me.
Keefe: NO WAY, it’d ruin the Hair!


Keefe: Oh. My. Goodness.
Sophie: What
Keefe: This is really really really bad
Sophie: What
Keefe: This is not okay
Sophie: What’s wrong
Keefe: Oh my goodness

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Katey Abbott | 70 comments Mod
Ahhh I love all of these!

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Jordyn | 29 comments Mod
Yes!!! I've never wrote fanfiction before . . . kinda shied away from it because I was scared of seeming geeky but these are awesome and I'd love to contribute, will keep you guys posted! (also prepare for dictionary-length fic right here because I can't ever just do the bare minimum)

message 6: by Eva (new)

Eva | 22 comments Katey wrote: "Ahhh I love all of these!"

Thank you!

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Paloma SPOILER FOR FLASHBACK!!! Name of story: Um I do not know yet but watch out for the next story after you read this so you know what happens!

Sophie felt the soft breeze wash over her as she was suddenly on a beach. She must have been dreaming, but it felt too real to be a dream. She was in bliss. The warm sand in between her toes and the foamy cold water lapping on the shore. She would give anything to stay here forever.

Except something felt familiar... And Sophie couldn't place what it was. That was when she heard a soft weeping. It was coming from the deep wild forest a few yards back. The forest was threatening yet still peaceful.
Sophie found herself walking towards the sound of crying. She followed the sound and she could make out more of the voice. It was a boy's, and as she grew nearer and nearer she felt tears in her eyes. She wanted to start bawling when she heard the sound, and she had no idea why.

And she saw a shadow of a miserable hunched over figure. She got closer to see who it was. Closer, closer... It was Keefe. And Sophie rushed over, and Keefe turned to her and his face grew surprised and a little bit frightened.
"Sophie! You shouldn't be here..." And then Sophie was falling, falling, and she was sitting up in her bed.

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Katey Abbott | 70 comments Mod
This sound so good

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Eva | 22 comments Wow that sent shivers down my spine. Amazing!

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Paloma Thanks!

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Jordyn | 29 comments Mod
Sophie shuddered, the cold cutting through even the thick lining of her gray cloak. She pulled the built-in hood farther over her head and did her best to suppress her shivers.
“Aw, Foster, I thought we went over body temperature regulation,” Keefe teased with that ever present smirk.
“Just because we practiced it doesn’t mean I’m good at it!” Sophie chattered, her teeth clacking together.
“You’re perfect Foster,” Keefe retorted, with a slightly less teasing tone. His smirk had disappeared into something more serious, and his eyes were ferociously resolute.
Sophie felt her cheeks flame right on cue, and she hid behind her hood. The way he kept doing that, the serious thing, it made it hard to figure out what he meant, and how to breath, and it made Sophie more than a little uncomfortable.
Looking around, Sophie took in her surroundings, grey-periwinkle mountains loomed in the foreground, a thick blanket of snow capped their peaks, matching the layer of cold white that carpeted every surface around her. The sky was uncharacteristically dull, but it was only due to the fact that clouds spilling snow coated every inch of it, only leaving a small slit in the cover of grey, letting a tiny amount of golden light spill out, lighting up a section of one of the smaller mountains. A hint at warm weather to come. Sophie tromped toward the nearest copse of trees, which were weirdly purple. She wasn’t sure why she was even surprised anymore, but she couldn’t help but think the trees were quite odd. They grew mostly straight up, with thin black and silver trunks, which were left bare until the last five feet of tree or so. Abruptly, branches curved outward from the trunk, and pointed upwards, curling back in on themselves slightly. Strangely fluffy leaves sprouted from each branch, and all together made it look quite similar to the truffula trees from one of Sophie’s favourite childhood books.
A sharp breeze flew through the trees, which offered no cover against the swirling snow. The wind bit into Sophie’s skin, latching on and digging in and settling into her bones. She gave up trying to force down the shivers, hoping they would generate enough friction for her to amplify, which would hopefully help the whole becoming an Sophie popsicle predicament.
“Still cold? Y’know, we could always snuggle for a while, share body heat, even the field a bit for the Keefoster side of things, shall we?” Keefe suggested.
Sophie’s stomach seemed to forget it was a digestive organ and not an acrobat.
“Hurts, Foster, that hurts, but fine, you can fight off the elements, Lady Broda should have some warm clothes we could borrow whenever she decides to show up,” Keefe fanned the space between himself and Sophie, as though to block her insane emotions, before he transformed the motion into a hooked thumb towards the mansion sitting a few hundred feet away.
“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Lady Broda said, “I forgot my emparter and something came up, anyway, come inside, you look half frozen.”
Sophie felt more than half frozen, so she gladly accepted the invitation into Lady Broda’s residence, which looked like a log cabin or steroids. Logs made of real wood made up some of the many walls of the mansion, the rest were made of logs carved out of some type of opalescent gem. The windows, of which there were many, were frosted, either naturally because of the cold, or as a stylized touch, Sophie didn’t know. The inside was almost outrageously cozy, with warm coloured furnishings and a large fireplace, flickering with an orange blaze.
Sophie sucked in a breath, forcing herself to calm the flashbacks pushing to overtake her, but once she had control, the fire was heavenly. The warmth banished the cold, and it felt so, so, amazing.
“Now, down to business, you are the hydrokinetic?” Lady Broda asked as she hunkered down onto a burgundy couch, motioning for the group of Tam, Linh, Sophie and Keefe to sit as well.
“I am,” Linh answered as she lowered herself into a heavily padded recliner, she seemed meeker than usual, and Sophie couldn’t blame her.
Lady Broda was imposing. She stood incredibly tall, with piercing eyes so light blue it almost seemed as though she had no iris at all. She had dark, rich skin, with purple stripes of an iridescent purple paint slashed across her face in symmetric patterns. Her full lips were glossed heavily, and her eyes were lined along the bottom with gold. Lady Broda seemed so stern, she held herself the way Sophie had seen army sergeants do on T.V. and it was more than a little intimidating.
Yes, I hear you are very powerful, something I can understand, I can tell you have great potential young one. You come to me to learn how to control the yearning?”
Linh simply nodded.
Ever since the trouble in Atlantis, Linh felt more sure of herself, but Sophie could still see how drawn to the water she was, and had decided it was best not to take chances. She had come along because Linh asked her to, of course Tam came to be with his sister, Wylie came because Lady Broda was actually his great-great-aunt, and Keefe came along using the excuse that he could monitor Linh’s emotions, but it seemed like he had other motives.
“Alright, tell me, how do you feel when around so much water?” Lady Broda brought Sophie out of her musings.
“Like . . . like it’s calling me, begging for me to join it,” Linh had the same look on her face that she did in Atlantis.
“Indeed, and you can resist?”
“Well, that’s what we’re here for,” Lady Broda’s lips quirked in the closest thing she had gotten to a smile.
The next few hours were a flurry of different training exercises for Linh, both indoors and out. She was asked to try and keep the water from freezing outside in the cold, and to force it to freeze beside the fire by manipulating the water’s particles. She had linh sit in a room made of all giant aquariums and do nothing. She had Linh work on blocking out the water while still having her senses open. On and on the training went, and Linh was hopefully improving, but it was hard for a non-hydrokinetic to understand.
“Well done, Linh, beautiful control!” Lady Broda praised.
Linh’s cheeks turned a pretty pink as she mildly thanked her new mentor of sorts.
“I can’t promise you that it will be enough however . . .”
“What do you mean?” Tam sent her a suspicious side-eye.
“Oh . . . nothing . . . just that the Neverseen aren’t going to be stopped by a few water tricks,” Lady Broda’s eyes had clouded, and she stared off into space.
Sophie’s pulse tripled, what the woman said echoed her own thoughts almost perfectly.
“Is there something you’re not telling us?” Keefe raised a skeptical eyebrow and moved closer to Sophie from his already close perch on the armrest of the burgundy loveseat she was occupying, grabbing her hand.
“No, and yes, there is so much I could say, but none of which would make any sense in this situation, but I am not trying to withhold information from you. The Neverseen are horrible, and ruthless, and cunning. They plan and strategize, they build up plan after plan and add so many misdirections it’s impossible to know their true goal. They have no conscience, I hear if your vanisher hadn’t utilized her ability to hide, they would have killed her,” Lady Broda’s voice had turned cold and lifeless.
“But the reason she is okay is because her talent is so strong, so isn’t it good to improve?” Tam countered.
“Improving one’s self is always good, but to rely solely on that to save you is downright foolish. Yes, her ability saved her, but it didn’t allow her to win, she is still damaged is she not? I hear murmerings of scarring, maybe a lasting trauma from the horrors she experienc-”
“Stop!” Wylie yelled, “Just stop. It’s not right to talk about her that way! You’ve made your point now move on, we get it!”
“But do you? I don’t really think you understand the vastness of your situation, I don’t even know all the facts and yet I can tell you right now, I’d be a lot more concerned, if you keep focusing on your abilities, you will all end up like your vanisher friend, or worse.”
“She has a name.”
It took Sophie a minute to realize she was the one who said it. She wasn’t sure where the bravery to say it came from, and she was grateful when Wylie took the lead so she wouldn’t have to figure out what to say.
“I’m not saying your points aren’t valid, but you don’t know everything we’re doing. You can barely grasp any of this situation, and I’m tired of your scrutiny, so I think it’s time to leave,” Wylie rasped, it worried Sophie to see him so angry, but she was glad he said it.
The group turned to leave, getting halfway to the door when Lady Broda called to them.
“I’m sorry, I was only warning you, I understand why you’re upset, but I need to do one more thing with your hydrokine- with Linh,” The woman almost seemed sincerely sorry . . . almost.
“Five minutes,” Wylie stated cooly as he walked out the door, with Sophie and Keefe on his heels.
Scanning the area, Sophie took a deep breath, as much as she hated to admit it, Lady Broda was right. They were too focused on things that wouldn’t help as much as they hoped. She felt panic and desperation claw around her stomach, and she did her best to tie them in under her ribs with all her other bad feelings, but the knots she made were sloppy and some less-than-happy feelings were able to slither out.
She trudged through the thick snow, glad the wind had calmed down, and hobbled over to an old fence. She hopped up on the horizontal post connecting two of the vertical pillars reaching about a metre high. She put her head between her legs, feeling as though it was suddenly hard to breath. All her mind could focus on was the mantra, we can’t do this, we can’t do this, we can’t do this. Everything they were doing, seemed so insignificant. There was no way they could ever do anything to come out on top. Hopelessness set in, until a breeze of ice blue wafted over her thoughts, cooling her frantic mind.
Keefe was sitting beside her, hand entwined with her gloveless fingers. He smiled calmly at her, his cheeks rosy from the cold, and his breath billowed out from his mouth like smoke.
“Easy there, Foster, there’s only so much defeat an elf should have to bear,” his mouth quirked into an adorable smirk, “I think I know what’s going on in that cute head of yours,” he smiled wider when Sophie blushed, “And I can tell you, for once, you’re wrong. Don’t listen to Cranky Lady Facepaint over there, she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. The Neverseen may be ahead of us, but they also have no idea what’s coming for them. We’ll hit them with everything we’ve got, and we will come out on top, because we have the moonlark . . .”
He smiled at Sophie, and she turned away, no longer confident enough for eye contact.
“And because we have each other, Foster, we have love, and friends, and hope. That’s why we’ll win.” He grabbed both her hands and whispered so low, Sophie could hardly hear it, “I believe in you Foster, we all do, so believe in yourself, because you deserve it.”

Sorry it's so long, guys, but I'm extra that way, Criticism? Comments? Random anecdotal thoughts? Hit me, yall.

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Katey Abbott | 70 comments Mod
First of all I love it so much!
Second of all as an idea I think that sophie should be a little more pragmatic.
But it is great already!!!

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Jordyn | 29 comments Mod
Thanks! To be honest I had no idea where I was going with my story until about halfway XD I just knew I wanted to contribute!

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Paloma That was really good, you are good at writing!

message 15: by Paloma (new)

Paloma This is not a continuation of the story I did earlier, but it might have SPOILERS FOR FLASHBACK, in case anyone has not read that yet.

Keefe leaned against his locker, his hands shuffling through a box of prattles, his eyes scanning the crowd for a certain familiar face. His hands were the first to find something. Sitting in the palm of his hand was a moonlark prattles pin. Keefe smiled to himself and stuffed it into his uniforms pocket.
"Hey, Keefe." A crisp voice said from behind him. Keefe startled, but easily recovered. Before turning though, he made sure that his face wouldn't give away anything.
Keefe turned with a smirk to Fitz and tossed the box of prattles to him. Fitz caught the box and gave a short smile to his best friend.
"Don't tell me the great Fitzer is feeling down!" Keefe joked and put a hand around Fitz's shoulder. Fitz pulled away.
"Hey come on man, you cant hide anything from an Empath!"
Fitz groaned and muttered something. "It's Biana."
"Aw, Fitzipoo is having some family troubles!"
Fitz elbowed Keefe. Keefe grinned and clutched his stomach.
"You should be a little more grateful! After all- we all know you would be lost without me," Keefe smirked.
"Oh I wouldn't say THAT, I think my life would actually be a lot less stressful without you," Fitz responded.
"You say that now, but I know how you really feel about me."
Fitz rolled his eyes.
Then he spotted something that immediately made him regain posture and put on a smile. Keefe didn't have to guess what it was, because a second later Sophie came through the crowd. Right on cue, Keefe's heart skipped a beat, but he pretended not to notice.
Fitz jogged over to her and Keefe also couldn't miss the quick blush on her cheeks. He suddenly felt real crummy inside, but again ignored the feeling and followed Fitz over. Fitz was already deep in some sort of conversation with her about Telepathy, but Sophie stopped talking for a minute to say hi to Keefe. He grinned and pulled the moonlark out of his pocket.
"Just for you Foster. Aw, look at that she feels special now! That just makes my day." Sophie blushed but couldn't hide the smile from him.
Well- maybe his day wasn't going to be so bad after all.

Thanks for reading my story, feel free to put in critique!

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Jordyn | 29 comments Mod
Paloma wrote: "That was really good, you are good at writing!"
Thankyou so much! I've gotten way more into creaive writing in the past year or so, and I started my own novel about a year ago, loosely based off KOTLC to get used to writing lengthy pieces. Now I'm hooked, and love any type of writing as long as I can take my own spin on things. Your writing is also really well done, I love the different perspective, and also, you get props for using the term Fitziepoo.

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Paloma Ha, thanks. Writing is fun. Usually I just start writing a story and never finish it so short stories are good for me.

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Eva | 22 comments If you are worried if it will be appropriate, here's a warning with spoilers: (view spoiler)

Braids with Bianex

Biana POV

Biana wandered into the room slowly, eyes focussed on the large windows on the other side. She seemed lost in thought as she sank onto the soft mattress covered in thick, silky blankets. It was a few moments before she realized that she wasn't the only one in the room.

"Dex!" she gasped as she shifted to a more comfortable position and caught sight of the boy with a glass flask in his hand. A bubbling red liquid was inside. "Why didn't you say that you were here?"

Dex's head jerked upwards and he grinned sheepishly. "I was wondering if I could just slip out without you noticing?"

Biana blinked. "What are you doing in Sophie's room anyways... oh," she paused and nodded in recognition as she noticed the tiny red imp on the floor. His hair was long and braided down the back.

Dex held up the flask. "And it's hand-braided, too."

Biana raised her eyebrows and clasped her hands together. "You can braid hair? I'd love to see that," she said with a laugh.

"Really? Because I can do you right now," Dex said, gesturing towards her straight brown hair that was tumbling messily around her shoulders.

"You know what? I think I could use it."

Dex stood up and walked over to the bed. He sat down beside Biana and grabbed fistfulls of her hair in his hands. Carefully, with little precise movements, he wove the strands back and forth.

"What brings you to Sophie's house, by the way?" Dex asked.

Biana sighed. "I just came to see if Sophie was here. But no, of course, she's out with Keefe. As always."

"Yeah, why does she always hang out with Keefe?" Dex asked, shaking his head.

"Why does she?" Biana echoed.

They both fell silent for a long moment. Biana thought bitterly about all the years she'd known Keefe. She'd always been the girl closest to Keefe, even if it wasn't really a romantic relationship. She would hang out with Keefe and Fitz all the time; they would play base quest and everything. Now she hardly got to spend any time with Keefe, and instead the new girl did.

Immediately, Biana felt guilty. Sophie was her best friend! It wasn't like anything was going on between her and Keefe, even before Sophie came along.

"I guess we both just feel left out," Dex said sadly. Biana nodded.

"Can I tell you something?" Dex whispered.

"Sure, anything."

"I, uh... I used to really like Sophie. And, we, uh...." Dex trailed off.

"I know about the kiss," Biana replied, laying her hand on Dex's shoulder.

"You do? Wow, secrets spread fast I guess," Dex moaned. "Yeah, I used to really like Sophie. She said I was her best friend, and... and I guess I just thought that maybe it could be more, you know? It felt like it could be more, at first. But then, Keefe and Fitz... and then the kiss..."

Biana sucked in a deep breath. "You probably know this, I used to like Keefe. And it was all completely ridiculous, because I knew he never liked me, if I really was honest with myself."

Dex gave her a sympathetic look. Biana laughed sadly. "It's confession time, huh?"

Dex looked nervously at Biana. "Well, as long as we're confessing, there's something I want to tell you. You know how Sophie and I just decided to be friends after the kiss?"

"Yes..." Biana replied, wondering where this was going.

"Well, it was hard. It took awhile. But I moved on, and a realized Sophie was right. We're better as just friends."

Dex finished off Biana's braid with a hair tie, and Biana stood up and twirled around towards a mirror.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed, and she turned back around to face Dex. He had stood up, too, and an odd look was on his face.

"Plus, there's someone else I like now."

Dex leaned in, and Biana felt herself leaning in too. Suddenly his lips were on hers, and her arms were around him. She closed her eyes, and all past thoughts faded away.

It seemed like a blissful forever before they both stepped back. Dex ran his hand through his styled red hair.

"Woah," he breathed. Biana gave a breathy laugh.

"Woah," she agreed.

"Woah," Sophie and Keefe echoed from the doorway. Biana and Dex jumped.

"Oops did I say that out loud? Oh no, I was hoping you guys wouldn't see me..." Sophie trailed off. "But then again, you two were making out in my bedroom! You two were making out! In my bedroom! Why were you in my bedroom?'

"Oh. Long story," Biana muttered.

"Well, this is a bit awkward," Keefe chortled.

"We'll leave," Dex said, a goofy smile on his face.

Sophie POV

Sophie sunk onto her bed, Keefe beside her.

"Weird. It wasn't that long ago that I...."

"That you were the one kissing Dex," Keefe finished.

"Yeah. Not that I'm jealous, I'm happy for both of them. But it feels so weird, you know? Seems like Dex's kiss with Biana went a bit better than his kiss with me."

"Eh, you just didn't have enough practice. Here, wanna try again?" Keefe asked. Sophie laughed.

"You're not all that experienced at kissing either, Keefe. Biana kissed you once. Mostly on the cheek."

Keefe grinned. "So then I need the experience too."

Sophie smiled back. "Sorry, Keefe. But I'm not ready for something like this. I kind of proved that with Dex, didn't I?"

Keefe POV

Keefe watched Sophie leave her room.

He would wait for her. He'd never give up on her. And, he'd always be her friend.

Until she was ready for more.

Disclaimer: I did not come up with that last line. That was written by Shannon Messenger originally in her Keefe POV at the end of Nightfall.

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Paloma YES! I love that! And I love the Keefe POV at the end! (As you can tell I am a Foster-Keefe supporter!)

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Eva | 22 comments Yay Team Foster-Keefe!!!!!

message 21: by Paloma (new)

Paloma It makes me so happy.

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Jordyn | 29 comments Mod
hey guys! I love writing but I'm struggling with what to write about! If you guys have some great ideas that you don't know how/don't want to write about, hit me up ;P I only post my fanfic writing here at the moment, and I would credit you of course. A few things to consider if you do want to provide suggestions:
- I will probably pick and choose what I write, I try to choose topics that really speak to me, or gives me ideas to build on. Or I may just take a bit of time to write the story depending on the length of which I choose to write.
- I don't usually write romance fanfics, not saying that I won't do any involving Sophitz/Keefoster/whatever other ship you have in mind, but please understand if I choose not to at the moment.
- I'm open to most things, I love creativity!
- I may put my own spin on any story I write, so please understand if the layout and plot isn't exactly as envisioned.

Thanks to anyone who wants to contribute, I really appreciate it!

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Paloma Maybe you could do something about something bad happening and
and Sophie has to fix it with Keefe's dad. Just an idea.

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Jordyn | 29 comments Mod
Nice! Thanks! Sounds painful for Sophie, but fun for me ;P

message 25: by Paloma (new)

Paloma Ha, yeah. :)

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Rachel (rachelmreads) hey! I love writing and I've written a novel (ish) and many short stories but they didn't come out how I wanted them. do you guys think if I wrote a fanfic that would be better to start off with? I thought maybe it would be better since I have stuff to base the story off of. if so, should I write a Foster Keefe fanfic?

message 27: by Eva (new)

Eva | 22 comments Fanfics are a good way to start because they allow you to test writing skills with already existing characters. You should definitely write a Foster-Keefe fanfic.

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Katey Abbott | 70 comments Mod
Yes please!

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