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message 1: by W (new)

W Recently,I read Star Trek Memories by William Shatner.Quite an enjoyable book.Another one worth mentioning is The Making of Star Trek.

message 2: by Jen (new)

Jen | 3 comments My favorite original series books so far have been Spock's World, The Romulan Way, Final Frontier, Memory Prime, Prime Directive, Federation, Vulcan's Glory, The Vulcan Academy Murders, The Captain's Daughter, and Elusive Salvation.

message 3: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 42 comments I'm going to mention the Crucible trilogy that was written by David R. George III. The first book about McCoy is my all-time favorite TOS novel.

message 4: by David (new)

David Lutkins I've only read a small percentage of the TOS books, but to date my favorites are Yesterday's Son, The Kobayashi Maru, Star Trek Log One (only because it includes "Yesteryear"), Spock Must Die!. and Vulcan's Forge

I also enjoyed Federation, which includes both the crews of TOS and TNG.

message 5: by Oz (new)

Oz Trekkie (oztrekkie) | 11 comments My favourites include

My Enemy My Ally
The Wounded Sky
Strangers From The Sky
Death Count
Best Destiny
The Great Starship Race
Shadows On The Sun


message 6: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Harbeke | 32 comments Federation, The Wounded Sky, My Enemy, My Ally, Prime Directive, Sarek, Vulcan's Glory, The Lost Years, Spock's World, Strangers From the Sky, and the Star Trek II and III novelizations are my top picks.

If you like My Enemy, My Ally, the other Rihannsu books by Diane Duane are well worth reading, too. They help set the scene for how Romulans were depicted in the TNG era.

message 7: by Dana (new)

Dana Kenedy (Dana and the Books) (danaandthebooks) | 4 comments A few of my faves:

The Captain's Daughter
Traitor Winds
Death Count
The Janus Gate trilogy

message 8: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie | 78 comments Mostly, I tend to like certain authors over specific series. The one that does come to mind is the 2-book series Tho Eugenics War, and a 3rd, to Reign in Hell, written by Greg Cox. He has done a number of STO and other ST series books.

The Crucible trilogy by David R. George III comes to mind too, because it was based on the City on the Edge of Forever.

message 9: by Lee (new)

Lee | 35 comments How much for just the planet?
The final reflection
My enemy, my ally and the other 3 Rihannsu series
I'm sure there were others, but those are the ones that will always stick in my head.

message 10: by Melvin (new)

Melvin Patterson (mkpatt) | 4 comments I'm a big fan of the Vanguard series. Read each one and just loved it. Plan on reading The Empty Chair as I enjoyed the first two installments. Have to admit I've read so many I can't remember them all but one that has stuck with me for a long time is Spock Must Die!

message 11: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 42 comments Melvin, I’m like you. I’ve read so many that I don’t remember what they were all about. I remember which ones I’ve read. I just don’t always remember what they were about. However, I do remember the story in Spock Must Die!

message 12: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Harbeke | 32 comments Melvin, although you can probably read The Empty Chair and understand it, there was a third Rihannsu book that comes before it (Swordhunt, published in two parts as Swordhunt and Honor Blade, and it was published as a single story in the Bloodwing Voyages omnibus that also has My Enemy, My Ally and The Romulan Way).

message 13: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie | 78 comments Melvin wrote: "I'm a big fan of the Vanguard series. Read each one and just loved it. Plan on reading The Empty Chair as I enjoyed the first two installments. Have to admit I've read so many I can't remember them..."

I can't remember them either; I have to look them up in Amazon or Goodreads usually the Star Trek website.

But, like you and Bruce, I always remember Spock Must Die. I was 12 years old when I read it in 1972. I still have it. It was the first original novel written in 1970 by James Blish, who had also put all the scripts into a story form collection.

message 14: by W (new)

W One I would like to read is Star Trek Movie Memories by William Shatner.However,I suppose it wouldn't be as good as Shatner's Star Trek Memories.

message 15: by Andrew (last edited Mar 23, 2021 06:18AM) (new)

Andrew | -5 comments Entropy Effect by McIntyre
was a fun read. My other favorites have been mentioned already. Thanks for the comments. Found a few titles haven’t enjoyed yet :)

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