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Greenglass House (Greenglass House, #1)
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message 1: by Tiffany (new) - added it

Tiffany (peanutblossom) | 22 comments Mod
I just started this last night thanks to the recommendation from one of our members. It takes place during Christmastime. Only 1 chapter in, but thought I'd start the discussion thread for it!

Claire Tate  (limeadeinmyteacup) | 61 comments This is next on my list to read. Next week...

Claire Tate  (limeadeinmyteacup) | 61 comments Is this meant to be a children's book or just from a child's perspective?

I like the idea but am not totally absorbed yet. How are you finding it?

message 4: by Tiffany (new) - added it

Tiffany (peanutblossom) | 22 comments Mod
Claire, I think it is a children's book. I really struggled with it but December was crazy busy and my attention span is broken. I put it on hold, hoping to pick it back up this month!

Claire Tate  (limeadeinmyteacup) | 61 comments hey. I've been away and forgot to post! I actually read this and the sequel and enjoyed them.

I'm a little surprised it's for children as I actually found it hard to follow initially. Maybe the number of characters and the role playing terminology being so foreign to me?

It was a complex and intriguing plot though.

Did anyone else totally not see the big Maddie twist coming!? (i'm trying to avoid spoliers)

I still want to look up where it is at though. Loved the location. perhaps not real but it must be based on somewhere...

message 6: by Luckymom (last edited Jan 18, 2019 03:22PM) (new)

Luckymom | 7 comments I just got this from the library. I was reading Outlander on my phone but decided to request the hardback version of that so will read this one while I wait.

and I ran out of time on this one too. I need to find shorter books it looks like. lol.

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