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message 1: by Polina (new)

Polina | 2 comments Hopefully someone here can help me find this book that I've been looking forever for:

The genre is romance but more on the erotica side with a LOT of smut. From what I can remember, it's a short story where the male main character is an army veteran (he's hot though, around his late 30's and the story is told from his perspective). He is tasked with "babysitting" his best friend's teenage daughter (she's 18 i think) while him and his wife go for vacation. She's super naughty and vulgar (in the beginning pages of the book she's in the MC's house sitting on his dining floor doing homework by his coffee table and already starts flirting with him by spreading her legs and thats when they first do IT). They do it by the pool, in the house, basically everywhere and then she gets pregnant, freaks out, but the MC wants to have the baby because he also fell in love with her. At the end of the book the MC and teenage girl fall in love and decide to tell her dad that she's pregnant. The girl's name was either Natasha, Natalia, Milana or something like that.

I read it around in 2016 but I think the book was published a little earlier than that... I really don't remember the cover at all or the author :(

I will be so beyond happy if one of you lovely angels knows what I am talking about :)

message 2: by Roseline (new)

Roseline CD | 63 comments Not sure maybe Taken by Jordan Silver ?

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