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message 1: by Eugene (last edited Dec 04, 2018 07:17AM) (new)

Eugene Rodgers | 5 comments I’m looking for people to comment on my mystery-thriller enovel. It's already been published after being critiqued and edited but never had a final read by an outsider after I made major changes. I’m seeking that now since ebooks can be improved and even radically altered after they’re published.

This is my first attempt at fiction in any form. I’ve had two nonfiction books issued by major publishers and have been named Virginia Author of the Year. My novel was discussed on the national cable TV program, “America Trends.”

The book is available at all ebook stores, but I can provide a free PDF. It has 91,000 words.

I'd be willing to exchange a read for a critique or review. Please note that I've had no formal training in writing fiction, so I couldn't give advice on literary fiction.


SUMMARY: The hero, Rick Collins, participates in a virtual world called Personal Portal, or PP, populated by avatars controlled by participants at their home computers who can be anywhere in the world. At the bidding of the people controlling them, avatars communicate and interact with each other like flesh-and-blood humans. People can make their avatars look exactly like them. Through his avatar twin, Isaac, Rick spends all his PP time with another look-alike avatar, the sexy Joan d'Arc, who wants to have a romance. He's married with two toddlers and wrestles with the morality of a virtual relationship, finally deciding a PP romance is a harmless fantasy.

Joan's unknown animator gets him a job in the real world with a high-tech military contractor, and then reveals she's a spy for a huge international clandestine operation. She forces Rick into industrial espionage by blackmailing him with secretly-taped videos of their realistic-looking romantic activities. As the story develops, she threatens to kill him and his family unless he keeps his job, which is insecure and subject to vicious office politics. Rick, who knows absolutely nothing about the real Joan, realizes his family is doomed unless he can identify her and her whereabouts soon. As Rick stated his awful challenge, "I couldn't see any way to investigate a woman who was nothing but pixels on a computer screen."

Rick's job is in Pittsburgh, but circumstances have forced his family to remain in Virginia, and he's lonely. While he struggles to find the real Joan, one of the women he suspects of being her conducts a campaign to seduce him. Vulnerable and susceptible to an affair that would take his mind off Joan's terrifying threats, he gradually weakens.

The novel has racy passages and a couple of violent scenes.



More details on book and author, as well as virtual-world videos of Rick and Joan, are at

message 2: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 199 comments Mod
what it seems like you are looking for is a review, whether published or not. This group is for pre-publication only, not for anything post-publication. Please find a more appropriate board.


message 3: by Eugene (last edited Dec 04, 2018 09:46AM) (new)

Eugene Rodgers | 5 comments Any beta read is an "unpublished review," so I'm not exactly sure what your concern is. What I want is feedback in any form so I can change the book for the better, maybe drastically. I'd rather have it privately in a beta read, but feedback is hard to come by, so I've also asked for reviews elsewhere. However, you certainly have a better sense than I of what beta readers want and don't want on this board. I'd be interested to hear opinions from them.

message 4: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 199 comments Mod
Hi. The board is not for published works. Critiques of published works are called reviews. There are boards on here that would be better fit for your request since you are asking for a review of a published work.

My concern is that this falls outside the rules of the board and as moderator, I make sure that everything is within the bounds of the rules. There are tons of review boards out there that can help you with your published work.


message 5: by Eugene (last edited Dec 04, 2018 07:20PM) (new)

Eugene Rodgers | 5 comments As a newcomer to fiction, I need critiques of my work by people more knowledgeable than l. I intend to seek them wherever and however I can to make my book the best it can be. Critiques are meant to help writers. Reviews are meant to help readers. Writers of critiques comment on texts from a writer's viewpoint. Writers of reviews comment on texts from a reader's viewpoint. Reviews are public; critiques are private. I do not want and am not seeking reviews from this board. I need critiques, but if they are out of bounds here for some reason, there's nowhere else to go.

I don't see any difference between a beta reader critiquing a text before it's published and critiquing a text before it's republished. And I can't find any posted rules that this board is strictly for unpublished works.

Nevertheless, as you say, you're the moderator. You make the rules, even ex post facto. Shall I delete my request for a beta read?

message 6: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Bourgeois (jennykatharina) | 237 comments Facebook can help you. There are beta reader groups, ARC groups, critiques groups. If you need more help or names of some of the groups. Please feel free to Pm me.

message 7: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 199 comments Mod
There are tons of forums and groups out there for post publication work.

And I'm really not trying to be a jerk. The rules are there for a reason. They can be found under the general section. Click on the post that states "this is NOT a book review group" and you will see clarification that this group is for everything pre-publication.

I hope that helps. There is a reason for not going down this slippery slope so please find a more appropriate group for your published book. There are resources out there for you. Facebook definitely has many.

Thank you

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