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Jocelyn (joceapotamus) | 103 comments So of course all the books I've had on hold at the library for weeks/months have become available at the same time. I've been on a massive reading marathon across a bunch of genres (There There, The Stars are Legion, The Mars Room, How Not To Get Shot- to name a few) . So I'm a little late in starting this book, but I'm super excited to finally be reading it.

I'm a huge Star Trek nerd so this will be fun for me. Any other Trekkies around? I recently went to the UK Trek Convention, my first one, and it was amazing. It was so much more than just meeting the stars- there were great talks/panels, exhibitions, parties, and costume contests. Including several Red Shirts who luckily managed to survive their away mission.

Nick Imrie (nickimrie) Is 'The Stars Are Legion' good? I heard good things about it, but I read the Bel Dame Apocrypha and sort of lost interest without meaning to.

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