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message 1: by Jay (new)

Jay | 1 comments Fantasy book(that forms part of a series) where a girl lives with her mother but she has magical powers and can travel to some kind of other dimension where other creatures live(like centaurs,vampires,werewolves etc). I think her boyfriend is a werewolf and I think the kingdom was ruled by centaurs(3 brothers/princes). Also she met a vampire in France and he got a crush on her.There was a party at a castle. In a previous book also I think there was a battle. I read that around 2015.

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather | 13 comments Evermore, part of The Immortals trilogy?

message 3: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5198 comments Evermore for the link.

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