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Christmas in Kentbury
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message 1: by Claudia (new)

Claudia Burgoa (claudia_burgoa) | 6 comments As I drive to my shop, I try to delete the mental image of Lee while I was leaving the B&B. Her perfect curves molded by that tight sweater dress she was wearing. Her hazelnut hair tied into a messy bun and her knee-high boots inviting me to do very naughty things to the only female friend I have. My wish for this Christmas is being able to bend her over the kitchen counter, spread her legs—while she wears those boots—and eat her.
Stop, Miller.
This just-friends between Lee and I is more complicated as we grow older. Since Cassie arrived into my life, I haven’t dated. Nor do I have any interest in being with a woman. Cassie became my life and Lee, my anchor. I only have time for my girls.
Who the fuck am I kidding? I don’t want to look at anyone else, only at Lee. She’s perfect. I just can’t figure out how to make things work between us.
She deserves a lot more than a washed-out mechanic with a kid. Actually, the only good thing I have going for me is my kid. She’s the best part of me. I’m happy the way my life is though. Do I miss having someone next to me? No, I’ve never had a relationship before. I can’t miss what I don’t have. Screwing up my relationship with Lee because I’m attracted to her isn’t worth it. Not only would I lose a friend, but my daughter would also lose her Lee.
Knightly isn’t her mom, but since Cassie came into my life, she’s been very much like her mom. They have a special bond. My child might look like me, but she acts so much like Lee.
I just don’t know how to get rid of all the emotions Lee provokes. Earlier, when I saw the naked intruder in the B&B, I wanted to kill him because I had visions of him being a one-night stand of hers who wouldn’t leave; I can’t stand the thought of anyone being with her.
I toyed with the idea of being the one guy who deserves her heart. I don’t miss what I’ve never had, but I yearn for what I could have with her. I want her in my arms, my bed, and my house. Every day I try to find time to be with her. At nights I wish I had the courage to kiss Lee, devour her mouth as I touch every inch of her body.
I just can’t ruin our relationship.

message 2: by Rochelle (new)

Rochelle | 98 comments Loving it. 😍

B. C. Booklover (bcbooklover) | 367 comments Since I love your books, a Christmas love story sounds perfect. On my TBR list.

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