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Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments So the one thing with this book is there have been several movie/tv/stage renditions, and I wanted to create a thread just for us to list our favorites.

For me, I love A Muppets Christmas Carol. Michael Caine and Kermit the Frog are just fabulous. Another favorite is Scrooged. That movie terrified me when I was a kid, and now I get a laugh at the VCR scene.

What are yours?

message 2: by SarahKat, Buddy Reads (new)

SarahKat | 2810 comments A Muppet Christmas Carol is mine! It's funny because I really dislike almost all other Muppet things.

RJ - Slayer of Trolls (hawk5391yahoocom) | 969 comments The 1951 film Scrooge with Alastair Sim in the title role is my all time favorite.

Also, "Carol of the Bells" is the song I always think of when I read this story or watch any of its performances.

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary Sundell | 160 comments Favorites include the George C. Scott version and Mickey's Christmas Carol with its sterling voice work by the late Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck and the late Wayne Allwine as Mickey.

Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments Gary wrote: "Favorites include the George C. Scott version and Mickey's Christmas Carol with its sterling voice work by the late Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck and the late Wayne Allwine as Mickey."

Gary, Mickey's was my favorite until the Muppet's Christmas Carol came out, but I still love that one!

message 6: by Rachael (last edited Dec 06, 2018 11:23AM) (new)

Rachael (allons-y-bookworm) | 3072 comments Mickey's Christmas Carol is great.
Last year, I watched A Christmas Carol Gone Wrong which is so funny. Just to give you a sense of the humour used at one point Tiny Tim is played by a really tall guy. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt7766092/

message 7: by Tania (new)

Tania | 898 comments Mickey's Christmas Carol is my favorite, but I also watch A Muppets Christmas Carol and the version with Patrick Stewart.

message 8: by Jess (new)

Jess Penhallow | 68 comments There was an animated version from the early 00s which was mostly forgettable but I remember a great song by Kate Winslet that was in it. Who knew she had such pipes!


message 9: by Ziggy (last edited Dec 10, 2018 04:41PM) (new)

Ziggy | 945 comments My favorite is the George C Scott version. I also like the 1951 Alastair Sim version but only if it is in the original black and white. I never cared when they tried to turn into that weird technicolor version

I think the most interesting thing most versions are a bit different, After reading the book followed by watching the George C Scott version it as interesting to see what was actually true to the book and made up by the particular movie version.

message 10: by Kadijah Michelle (new)

Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments After I finish the book, I'm going to watch the Patrick Stewart version. I'm really looking forward to it!

message 11: by Kadijah Michelle (new)

Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments My children informed me that there is a My Little Pony version of this story...I'm going to have to find it.

message 12: by Ilona, Global Moderator (new)

Ilona | 3984 comments My dad absolutely loves the Albert Finney version from 1970, which he makes us watch almost every year on Christmas Eve, and is pretty funny. As a kid I loved the Muppet version :)

message 13: by Joan (new)

Joan Barnett | 794 comments I loved Scrooged with Bill Murray - I think that's from being a kid from the 80's!!! It is my sense of humor and it had a lot of heartwarming moments in it.

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