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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance: Teenage girl falls in love with older brother's best friend. Brother is killed in a motorcycle accident, family blames the friend. Years later he's is a famous photographer, he calls her Sunshine.

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Renee | 1 comments I think this the author but I’m not positive. Story about a teenaged girl who falls in love with her older brothers best friend. Her brother is killed in a motorcycle accident and her family blames the friend. Years later Brian is now a famous photographer and is going to do a photo session for the girl who used to love him. He calls her Sunshine. They reconnect and fall in love again despite her family’s objections.

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Kris | 33432 comments Mod
Renee mentioned the author might be Barbara Delinsky and she read the book about 15 years ago.

I added plot details to the topic header. Feel free to update it using the small "edit" link after the header - on the full desktop website (not the mobile app.)

(Fyi, the link above the header is where we put the book title when the request is solved.)

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