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message 1: by Tristan Robin (new)

Tristan Robin Blakeman (tristanrobin) | 1 comments We just binge watched the five (six?) episodes of the BBC mini-series, The Woman in White. I didn't really care for the book that much. It's rather florid and overly elaborate in writing style, and not all scary for a maybe-ghost story turned thriller.
But, I enjoyed the mini-series thoroughly. It embroidered parts of the story that needed clarification (or, in some cases, obfuscation!), and eliminated parts that were simply superfluous to good story telling IMO. It was well crafted and written, carefully directly, marvelously cast and acted, and the art direction was superb - gorgeous sets and costumes.
I'm glad we binge watched it, as I'm not sure the suspense and tension could have held up for me with a week between each episode. But, watching one after the other, with no commercials at all, kept the suspense and the pace moving very nicely.
Anybody else see it and have an opinion?

(I also have seen the old Alexis Smith/Eleanore Parker/Gig Young movie and the 1997 Masterpiece Theatre movie - of them all, this was my preferred, by far!)

message 2: by Gareth (new)

Gareth Young (spartagus) | 22 comments Mod
Never seen it but the BBC are pretty good at that stuff. Sounds like you thought it was better than the book. That doesn't seem to happen very often. :)

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