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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello! :)

Your words seem interesting (It does not mean I agree) but they look like statement and I do not really see how to start discussions from it.

Are those words your thoughts? Could you be more explicit please? :)

message 2: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1086 comments Mod
Whelp, as an ugly, unattractive and muscular female.... guess I don't count.

message 3: by Jo, Our Shared Shelf Moderator (new)

Jo (jo_9) | 373 comments Mod
Please may I ask if your post has a question or a discussion point Nurullah? if not, i'm afraid I will need to close it.

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 05, 2018 12:11PM) (new)

One's purpose may not be to create controversy but sometime it still does. This forum is mainly used for discussion regarding the thoughts we share here, and also for inspiration and questioning. Having an opinion is great and expressing it is often good but how we do it is essential.
For instance, your statement may look quite raw or radical without any way to discuss it. Somr people may perceive your words that way: "here is my opinion, it does not matter to me either you accept it or not and nothing will change my mind because I am right." Of course, it may not be your intention to rise this perception in other's mind but please be cautious about the way you are writing/saying things since right now it looks a bit without airs and graces if you know what I mean.

Also voicing thoughts is, in my opinion, accepting to be wrong and to be challenged.

Personnaly, I think your stay is too simplistic, dogmatic and restrictif. You give physical strength to men and beauty (here it would be charm) to women but I can tell you that men know how to charm and women are powerful. Obviously in many culture there is this wrong (in my opnion) thought legacy. I am even tempted to say that no matter what a human misuses it is wrong.

I think your reasoning deserve to be open, let's say, to wider horizons ;)

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Nurullah Enes wrote: "Florian wrote: "One's purpose may not be to create controversy but sometime it still does. This forum is mainly used for discussion regarding the thoughts we share here, and also for inspiration an..."

There are so many other aspects than physical features. By focusing on only one type you are missing so much. I think you should consider other caracteristics such as psyche aspect, cognitive aspect etc...

For example someone (let alone the gender and sex) may be strong physically but may lack of willpower and reciprocally. Many issues may be overcome by using different skills, and physical features do not "always" (of course there are limitations I do not have wings so I cannot fly like a bird! ) shape who/what you are or who/what you want to be. So I would advice you to not limit your reasoning to physical features, of course it implies to see a more complex landscape.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

@Camelia Rose: indeed some people do not believe in god. Personnaly, the existence of a god or even superior entities does not matter to me, it won't change my behaviour.

@Nurullah: males and females have sexual difference that is true, gender difference has (please people correct me if I am wrong) nothing to do with reproduction system. Note that some humans decide to change their sex from male to female or from female to male, their physical aspect and characteristics may change too while they still feel women or men (or not). The physical differences you are pointing out are, in my opinion, not the most important but maybe they often are the most visible (and still it is sometime questionable).

Yes biologically I have male characteristics and my sister has woman characteristics but it does not mean that I am basically stronger than my sister or that she is more powerful. What about intersex, people who have reproduction system that correspond to either male or female?
Strenght most important in males? In many species females are way stronger than males. In addition, shall we talk about giving birth? 😊

So yes, males and females have physical differences but strenght, beauty are not only related to those physical features. Power is not always related to physical strenght. ;) You see this is more complex.

message 7: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 06, 2018 12:30PM) (new)

I highly advice you to use females and males, men and women are (for many people here) related to the gender not to the sex. Here you are not discussing genders.

The issue is you are making generalizations, if there are exceptions then maybe do not make a rule.

To build up on your example, someone well dressed regarding to my criteria may be graceful or harmonious but it is a physical aspect that my eyes may perceive as attraction. Maybe that is one face of the beauty but I will always prefer and look for the beauty of the mind which is, for me, far more valuable! In my opinion, the harmony of the self is one of the most wonderful "beauty" and I do not feel it through my eyes but through something I cannot describe, it is like a flow of energy that embrace you and make you feel peaceful and highly admiring. It is an inspiration. This is still beauty but not physical. It goes the same with strenght, overall in humankind the muscle development may be slightly different regarding males and females and that is what you probably meant but it does not mean that physical strength is a male feature and beauty a females feature. I have no wish to limit people to those attributes, they are more complex than this and deserve better than an archaic concept that says males have to be physically strong and females have to be physically beautiful.

My belief goes beyond physical features and I will always try my best to consider as many aspects as possible while learning others.

No offense to anyone, personally I cannot respect someone I do not know (here by the word respect I mean admiration not politeness). At most, I am able to respect someone's actions or behaviours but that is all I can do without knowing the person. So I must admit I quite astonished while people are saying "I respect so much this person because she/he did that." I am just impressed by this ability I do not possess I suppose.

message 8: by MeerderWörter (new)

MeerderWörter | 2388 comments You are touching a lot of different topics here Nurullah - sex characteristics, gender expression, socialization one could argue and history too in a way.

I don't mind that, but please be careful with your wording, because you mix things together that don't necessarily belong together.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

That's fair, males and females have different physical features.

Now, I invite you to read the name of thread again and the first post. What would you expect to be written in this very first comment?

Do you think the point you were considering is relevant by itself to define all of the different essences of feminism?

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Nurullah, do not be too harsh with yourself. Speaking/writing in another language is difficult, we have the feeling to be stuck with words that do not express the meanings we would like to share. I cannot speak on the behalf of anyone but I have the feeling that this thread was not closed because people realize that what you wanted to mean was different from the words you used. To be honest, that is one of reason why I took time to discuss with you through comments in that thread, my intuition told me that there was some language barrier there and probably that you meant something different. So I asked question and I challenge thoughts (hopefully I did that kindly :) ). I usually know when I see a troll or someone who do something to create conflict and hurt in attempt to get attention, and you are not that type of person ;)

You know, making mistakes and misusing "things" is part of life. Nobody was born perfect (perfecfion seems to be so boring and annoying! The biggest defect!), but one can become wiser and wiser by learning from her/his mistakes. I hope you will take part in discussions with other people of that community 😉 in the future, do not hesitate to clarify/reformulate your thoughts if you think you were misunderstood.

message 11: by Arnaud (new)

Arnaud B. | 119 comments Nurullah Enes wrote: "These are my thoughts. You don't have to participate. I just wanted to say my opinion.

That's my opinion. I wanted to write my opinion. My goal is not to create controversy

I am sorry but as long as you decide to give your opinion in public, you expect to discuss it with someone and so you must be aware that you can create controversy, especially in places where socials issues are discussed.
You refer to "the creator" as an argument for your opinion.
Have you ever looked at the nature ?
There are species who females rules.
The world is not static, it evolves. It is more complicated than the dichotomy of male/female.
Yes, we can say generally that physically men are stronger than woman. It's just statistics. But it does not reflect the entire spectrum : i am myself not physically strong but i can work on that. Same for a girl.
As for the violence, the only reason are : lack of education, lack of wisdom and economic crisis, A lack of stability in a system will produce violence.
Of course, we have been educated to see people with clothes and as for myself, i like to think "The Less You Reveal The More People Can Wonder" and i have been educated with the word "elegance" But what about people who likes to live without clothes ? Sometimes i envy them because they have a great power that we don't have : they are not judging on the clothes.
The best world is when power is balanced, i agree on that. :-)
"The Power" by Naomi Alderman is a good exemple.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I do not think someone is wrong to voice his/her thoughts? Of course, violence in words or the wish to hurt should not be used but you were not doing that. Maybe some of your words were clumsy sometimes and some people wrote their disagreement.

Some people voice their mind and opinions so that they can be challenged and check where they are wrong or right. That is what we do through healthy discussions, and correct me if I am wrong but this thread was not toxic or unhealthy (intense feelings and opinions are not toxic unless they become violent but here they were peaceful).

All the best Nurullah! ;)

message 13: by Notash (new)

Notash Batool (iamnotashbatool) | 53 comments Hi everyone!
I am a member of UN Women and here i have started a YouTube channel for feminism. please share it and subscribe it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwu...

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