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Scott I didn't see a thread for this... did anyone else read?

I really enjoyed it. I did feel that some sections were a bit slow and maybe went on a little too long, but always felt rewarded with something amazing in the next part.

Does anyone else have trouble envisioning "mega-size" objects? When they were on Janus and in the Structure, I had to keep reminding myself how large everything was. It was hard to conceive of a "tube" of that size.

Mickey | 604 comments I am reading it. Life is getting in the way from reading more at a faster pace.

I am half way through it. I am not sure about this one. I am having difficulty staying focused on it. It has many slow parts in it. Too much inner conflicts/politics between crew members. Then arggg, I put it down and come back later. I am hoping the last few chapters justify the slugfest to get through the book. I hope I can finish the book before Christmas.

Phil | 56 comments I read it; here is my review: I really enjoy Reynolds and this book is one of the reasons why. In Pushing Ice, he manages to take some rather stale tropes in entirely different ways. This is a stand alone novel, unlike his revelation space series (which is fantastic). Hard science fiction in the best way.

Mickey | 604 comments I know it is late, I am shocked that I actually finished this book or any science fiction book for that matter.

It was a struggle to read this book. It was long and tedious, I could not figure out how it was going to end. However, the ending was a surprise that made me grateful that I completed the book. Now reflecting upon the whole book, the many parts were needed to get to the complex storylines ending.

I give the book four stars. I subtract one star for the long tedious read. An excellent ending that is very thought provoking makes this book worth reading.

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