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message 1: by Alice (new)

Alice (goodreadscomalicerene) My Talk Radio Interview is scheduled to air next Monday, August 24th all day. It is with Don Mc Cauley for The Authors Show:

I'd love to hear your comments.

message 2: by A. Colin (new)

A. Colin Wright (acolinwright) | 29 comments Dear Alice,

I've just listened to your radio interview and found it most interesting. Of your readers (as soon as I get your book) I'll be amongst those that are generally interested in the holocaust. It still is, alas, a fascinating subject. Do you know Bernhard Schlink's book The Reader (der Vorleser)? I'm sure you've seen the movie made from it. I find the attitudes of those often cultured people who went along with Nazism particularly interesting: how did it all happen? I had good friends, now deceased, in Tirol, the kindest, nicest people you could imagine. I once asked them what they thought of the Anschluss. They said it was a wonderful time, everyone was so full of hope for the future.

Anyway, I look forward to reading your book when I finally manage to order it. In the meantime, I've put myself down requesting a radio interview.

Best wishes,

message 3: by Alice (new)

Alice (goodreadscomalicerene) Hello Colin,
Thanks for listening to my interview. I hope you will have yours soon. I had to wait quite a while before mine actually aired. Let me know when that will be.

Meanwhile, I think you will find my book interesting. You will read about a Nazi who actually risked his own skin to help us. Would you do that? Fascinating stuff, don't you think?

Best to you, Alice

message 4: by Alice (new)

Alice (goodreadscomalicerene) Hello Colin,

Thank you for listening to my interview. I have had a few of them so far and am afraid of repeating myself at this point in time. However, it seems that no two people ever pick up the same material.

T answer a prior question: Yes, I did see the movie the Reader and thought the acting was superb. My husband read the book and said the movie followed it exactly. My only critique was that some of the happening in the movie could never have happened in acutality, such as the discussion between the two boys across the concentration camps fences. Impossible! the guards and dogs would have been on them in a flash! Oh well, such is the stuff of movies.

As to iUniverse heloing you to market your book, don't look to them for a lot of help. I'm afraid it will all fall on you shoulders. A Lot of work it is...

Best to you, Alice

message 5: by A. Colin (new)

A. Colin Wright (acolinwright) | 29 comments Please note that I shall be “guest blogger” on this Wednesday 16th September with my article “What is literature? What is literary fiction.” Comments may be made by readers and I’ll do my best to respond.

A. Colin Wright

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