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Trike | 8180 comments Veronica wrote: ""


I followed the YouTube link to Terry the talking raven, and he clearly says — in a British accent — “Hullo Terry, hullo.” o.0

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Leesa (leesalogic) | 635 comments I LOVE CORVIDS SO MUCH!!!!

I am excite.

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Leesa (leesalogic) | 635 comments December pick is a book right up my alley.

For a while now, I have been following an amazing little crow in Vancouver: Canuck.

He's a funny, gregarious crow, who sometimes intimidates mail delivery people, stole evidence from a crime scene, and often has to be coaxed OUT of a McDonald's with treats. Shawn posts many photos and videos about Canuck, and now his new flock --Mate Cassiar and new addition Junior (is he a servitor? Canuck isn't that thrilled with him, but Junior does seem gregarious and interactive with Shawn).

We had a scare when someone hit Canuck with a bat at a baseball game (not sure what motive the person had, but I'm not judging, Canuck is gregarious but not everyone knows that and it probably freaked the person out when Canuck approached). Canuck recovered and the world is a better place for it!!

Canuck and Cassiar had been hanging around Shawn a lot, but it wasn't until last season that it was confirmed they were mates. Unfortunately (this makes me soooo sad), their little family didn't make it. Junior (not their baby) showed up shortly after they lost their family.

Here is a little movie made about Canuck and Shawn:

Here is Canuck's FB page:

I love Canuck so much! BUT one of my favorite pictures is a recent one of Junior:

Canuck and Cassiar:

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Trike | 8180 comments OMG Leesa, that’s so great. I’d seen the crow with a knife meme but had no idea he was already famous before that. Amazing. Thanks for that.

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Trike | 8180 comments Attempted murder:

message 7: by Veronica, Supreme Sword (last edited Dec 03, 2018 05:13PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Veronica Belmont (veronicabelmont) | 1666 comments Mod
That was an awesome video, thank you for sharing! I've wanted to make crow friends for a long time.

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Leesa (leesalogic) | 635 comments I also want to be friend with crows! When I go walking, I always take a bag of nuts/seeds and I toss some out whenever I encounter crows or squirrels.

I take pictures and post them "New friend I made today".


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Leesa (leesalogic) | 635 comments Canuck voted Vancouver's unofficial ambassador (up against stiff competition)!

Silvana (silvaubrey) | 1616 comments Leesa wrote: "I LOVE CORVIDS SO MUCH!!!!

I am excite."

I've become slightly obsessed with them while reading the book.
Never actually paid attention to them before, now I'm a fan.

Joe the talking crow (the talking in 1 minute mark)

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Trike | 8180 comments Now we’re doomed... a crow speaking German:

message 12: by Trike (new)

Trike | 8180 comments My uncle Carl used to tell me about a pet crow he and his brother had as kids in the 1920s, how it would talk and ride on the front bumper of their car when they would go to town. I always thought he was putting us kids on, because he was that kind of guy, but now I think he was just telling it straight.

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terpkristin | 4120 comments Sorry, I'm a Patriots fan.

Ok, that was terrible. And I can't deal with the NFL lately. But given that I live in an area with a lot of Ravens fans, it was the first thing I thought of.

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