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Chris | 88 comments Mod
Questions to think about while reading the book:

1. Before We Were Yours alternates between the historical story of the Foss Children and the modern-day story of Avery Stafford. Did you have a favorite between these story lines? Which one and why?

2. Did you search for more information about Georgia Tann and the Tennessee Children’s Home Society after reading Before We Were Yours? What did you learn? Based on what you learned, what do you think motivated Georgia Tann? Why were so many people willing to be complicit in her schemes when they knew children were suffering? Was Georgia’s network a creature of the political corruption and societal attitudes of its time or could something like this happen today?

message 2: by Chris, Book Club Leader (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chris | 88 comments Mod
Thanks to everyone who came. Had a great discussion on this book with the group.! Questions of how adoption and foster care and the way Georgia Tann had such power and a national network with the children being whisked away, with community leaders, medical, legal and money teams all in place. After she died, when it was shut down and investigated legally the adoptions were sealed so no one knew who the biological parents were and no repercussions could happen to those involved.

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